Ways To Winterize Your Subaru

How To Winterize Your Subaru

Baby, it’s cold outside! We are ready, is your Subaru? We know you feel it! Winters in the Pacific Northwest are no joke. Living in Washington comes with snow, ice, and frigid winter temperatures. So let’s talk about how to winterize your Subaru. Sometimes stepping outside can be downright...

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How Long Should New Tires Last?

It’s official! We at Suburb Service have added tires to the list of services we provide for your Subaru and maybe your other car or you would be kind enough to tell your neighbor that your favorite repair shop does tires on all mid sized cars. You want to...

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Know the Difference between an Auto Cooling System and Air Conditioning?

SUBURB SERVICE DOES! If the answer is no, you’re not alone. The general population has a misperception that a vehicle runs on one continual cooling system that cools down both the engine and the cabin. In actuality, every vehicle has two separate systems! One for you, and one for...

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