how to keep your dog cool

As much as we all love the summer, our bodies go through moments where they just need a break from the heat. Thankfully, we have easy access to relief! We can go indoors and enjoy air conditioning and drink cold water whenever we want. But what about your favorite dog?

Most people view their pets as part of the family — it’s important to keep in mind that not only do they feel the same temperatures as we do and more with their fur, but they don’t have as much freedom to seek refuge for themselves.

Below are some key tips on how to keep your canine cool this summer


If you keep your pup outdoors, regardless of age they will need extra care through the summer. Make sure you have them secured in an area that has a great option for shade! But even more, to keep from overheating and provide some relief, give them a baby pool full of cool water to rinse off/lay down.

how to keep your dog cool outdoors pool
the pause (paws) that refreshes by Rusty Clark is licensed under CC BY 2.0


Dogs cool down quicker from their belly side, so laying in the water or on a wet towel will help them more than dumping cold water on top of them. You can also put ice cubes in their water bowl, keeping it cool longer than normal. Consider adding canned or raw dog food to their normal dry food regime to give a little extra moisture in their diet. 

If you happen to see your dog digging a hole in the ground, it’s because he’s trying to cool down by laying in the cold earth. You’re better off placing him somewhere you don’t mind him digging so that he can take care of himself when needed. Lastly, be sure to properly groom your canine so they aren’t lugging around more heat than needed.


Having a family dog indoors is ideal in the summer months. Canines are extremely intelligent in knowing what is good for them – so when you open the door to allow the dog out, if he turns around and comes back inside it’s because the weather does not feel good.

how to keep your dog cool indoors
Worn out girls by Dale is licensed under CC BY 2.0


Let him stay indoors if that is what he prefers. You can offer him some frozen treats which you can either make or buy at most grocery stores. These treats consist of frozen broth and other dog friendly treats that they will enjoy eating while they cool down.

Cooling mats are perfect to keep indoors for your fur babies to lay on.  These self cooling, pressure activated mats never need water, refrigeration or electricity.  Cooling and soothing, these pet pads help prevent dehydration and overheating. 

Choose to bring your dog out to play in either the early mornings or late evenings when the temperatures are at their lowest — this is the perfect time for them to run out some energy and enjoy the outdoors on a walk.

Car Travel

Never, ever, ever leave your dog in an enclosed vehicle in the summer. Imagine being trapped in a sauna that only got hotter and hotter with no sign of relief…you would be miserable. Not only is it extremely uncomfortable, but it can also be life threatening.

how to keep your dog cool in car
Merritt Island FL by Rusty Clark is licensed under CC BY 2.0


If for any reason you do need to leave your pup in the car, leave the car on with the AC running. Bring a collapsible water dish with you so they can hydrate whenever necessary — keeping them hydrated is key.

Let them ride in the car with the window down, feeling the cool breeze. You can even purchase little booties to protect your dogs feel while hopping in and out of the vehicle onto the hot pavement.

how to keep your dog cool in summer
Loving embrace by David Mertl is licensed under CC BY 2.0


Summer is wonderful! Especially when we take care of ourselves and our animals. Show them your love by taking the necessary precautions to avoid any emergencies caused by the heat.
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