How to Camp with Your Subaru; Anytime, Anywhere

  Love The Outdoors? 4 reasons to camp with your Subaru AND 5 Fun Ways to Do it! Do you love the great outdoors and your Subaru? Why not meld the two into an epic outdoor adventure? You can road trip and camp comfortably with your Subaru – no...

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Know the Difference between an Auto Cooling System and Air Conditioning?

SUBURB SERVICE DOES! If the answer is no, you’re not alone. The general population has a misperception that a vehicle runs on one continual cooling system that cools down both the engine and the cabin. In actuality, every vehicle has two separate systems! One for you, and one for...

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Subaru Owners’ Alert: Legacy, Outback, Impreza and Forester 2006-2010 Models Affected

If you’re the proud owner if a 2006-2010 four-cylinder Legacy, Outback, Impreza or Forester, there is a new alert you should know about so you can bring in your Subaru for a system update. Subaru has issued bulletin WVU-31 about the Engine Control Module (ECM). Here’s what you need...

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5 Reasons to wash your subaru this winter

5 Reasons to Wash Your Subaru This Winter

The weather outside is getting frightful, temperatures are dropping, and when things get snowy and icy, Seattle’s transportation professionals spread granular salt and salt brine on the roads to reduce the risk of cars slipping and sliding. The salt is not good for your car and should be washed...

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subaru recall notice

Subaru Recall – Legacy, Outback, Foresters and Impreza Models on the List!

A new problem has triggered the recall of more than 100,000 Subaru models because of a flammability issue caused by a pump that can run constantly. Is your Subaru on the list? Maybe. Did you buy a Legacy, Outback, Impreza or Forester that was new in model year 2007-2014?...

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signs car was in a flood

5 Signs a Used Car Was in a Flood

Hurricane Matthew Cars May Be on the Seattle Vehicle Market Soon A recent Seattle KOMO news “Problem Solvers” segment showed that more than a quarter million flooded vehicles are on the roads all over the US even though they should be in the junkyard. After floods from storms like...

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Top 10 Tips for Taking Road Trips With Your Dog

Keep Your Four-Legged Friend Happy in Your Subaru If you struggle with pet-owner guilt when you leave your furry friends behind while you travel, why not take them along? Your Subaru can be the perfect vehicle for you, your family, and your pet even on a long road trip....

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Auto Maintenance: Should You Use a Dealer or Independent Shop?

So you’ve walked out of the dealership with the keys to your new car and the first question on your mind is, “Who do I trust to care for the upkeep and maintenance of my vehicle?” You’re not alone. Every new car owner wrestles with the decision of whether...

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Squeaky Clutch or Brake Pedal on Your Subaru Impreza WRX/STI?

Find out if Your Spot Welds May be Going Bad on your Impreza If your Subaru Impreza can’t get in and out of gear, your brake pedal moves when you shift, or your clutch is clicking or squeaking, it may not be the clutch itself, but the firewall of...

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