Subaru Class Action Oil Suit

Subaru Owner Alert: New Class Action Oil Suit May Affect Some Subaru Vehicles If you own certain makes and models of Subaru, you should be alert to a new issue that’s prompting calls for a class action suit over an oil consumption problem that’s causing owners to spend big...

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Top 8 Subaru Groups – Love Your Subaru? Hang Out With Other Like-Minded Individuals!

If you love your Subaru, you should know you’re not the only one. There is a nation full of like-minded individuals just like you and it may be fun to hang out with them. Some amateur Subaru Groups are for Subaru owners in general while others are devoted to...

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Subarus Targeted by Seattle Car Thieves! Theft-Proof Your Ride Now

You may think because you’re driving a car that looks old but runs like a champ from regular repair and maintenance you’re safe from car thieves, but if you own a Subaru, that’s not so. Seattle police have reported an uptick in Subaru thefts recently, particularly among older models....

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Subaru Care Checklist: 7 Ways to Make Your Subaru Last

There are definitely times you need to bring your Subaru in for service (and we’re ready to help you) but there are also things you, as a Subaru owner, can do to keep your vehicle lasting long and running strong (maintenance and repair are a given). Today, we’re going...

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funny subaru commericals

10 “Must see” Funny Subaru Commercials

Subaru is known not only for their long-lasting and sporty vehicles (with consistent repair and maintenance) but for their off kilter advertising. Most of their ads are chuckle-worthy, self-deprecating and genuinely touching. Today we take a look at 10 of our favorite funny Subaru commercials… #1 Puppy Lust This...

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subaru head gasket problems

Subaru Overheating Problems? Here are

Subaru check engine light. Subaru transmission errors. Subaru head gasket problems. When you own a car, it seems like the issues just never end. And if you house a Subaru in your garage, you might be dealing with a number of troubling problems depending on the model of your...

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Five Dealer Options That Aren’t Worth the Money

At Suburb Service, we want to make sure Subaru buyers get the best possible value for their dollar. If you have made the wise choice to invest in a new Subaru, don’t make the mistake of adding on unneeded extras. When you shop for your next Subaru, keep in...

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certified emission specialist Seattle

Authorized Independent Subaru Emissions Specialist Now Available in Seattle and Marysville.

Authorized Subaru Emissions Specialist in Seattle and Marysville!   Suburb Service is pleased to announce that an Authorized Emissions Specialist is now available at both our locations. If your Subaru has recently failed an emissions test, our Certified Retail Gasoline Specialists are ready to assist you with your repair...

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Oil Maintenance Important to Environment

As much as 55 million pounds of petroleum enters Puget Sound every year. Some of this pollution comes from industrial oil spills, but oil from improperly maintained cars also drips into our watershed, at alarming rates.  This toxic runoff not only directly harms fish and other wildlife, but also...

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