Here's Why Tires Go Flat in Cold Weather

Here’s Why Tires Go Flat in Cold Weather

It’s a chilly morning in Seattle. Your Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) springs on immediately after cranking your car. Panic ensues. Have you been here before? Seeing a car dash light come on is never fun. Lights are meant to register emergencies or car failure only…or so you’ve been...

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Does Your Subaru Need Snow Tires

Does My Subaru Need Snow Tires?

Subaru’s are pretty much the best vehicle out there – in our humble opinion. We oughta know, between our personal daily drivers and our free customer service loaners, we have just under 20 incredible Subarus. Especially those of us, living in the Pacific Northwest and braving the Washington elements,...

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Ways To Winterize Your Subaru

How To Winterize Your Subaru

Baby, it’s cold outside! We are ready, is your Subaru? We know you feel it! Winters in the Pacific Northwest are no joke. Living in Washington comes with snow, ice, and frigid winter temperatures. So let’s talk about how to winterize your Subaru. Sometimes stepping outside can be downright...

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