Suburb Service now offers credit card financing to help you with your Subaru repairs

Suburb Service had partnered with CarCareOne to help you pay for your car repairs without using your credit cards or savings account. Suburb Service does not provide financing. All financing must be pre- approved prior to picking up your car.

CarCareONE Card

If your Subaru needs a repair and you are not sure how to pay for it, call us today about our CarCareONE card with zero interest financing for 6 months on repairs, for qualified customers. 

Get 6 months of interest free financing on invoices of $750.00 or more. Please call us at (206) 364-8089 to find out how to apply. 

The process is easy just:

  • Come in with a picture ID
  • Fill out a quick form
  • Checking for approval is done instantly

That’s it! You will be all set up to use the card at Suburb Service for anything like oil changes or service work and it’s 6 months interest-free. Call for an appointment today: Seattle (206) 364-8089.

You Want the Repair But Can’t Afford It Right Now

Many people give up and buy the new car because they can get zero down financing and have a reliable car to drive immediately even though they don’t want the years of car payments. They do this because a $3,000 repair bill seems unmanageable even though it’s the equivalent of about six months of car payments.

This is a hard spot to be in because you may actually prefer the repair but just don’t have that kind of cash available. Suburb Service’s new six months, no interest payment option can help.

Let Suburb Service Get Your Subaru Back on the Road and Save You Money

Subarus are great vehicles – sure they occasionally need repairs, but if you choose an experienced mechanic and have quality work done, you can drive yours indefinitely. The fact is, it’s better for your long-term finances to fix up your used Subaru than to buy a new car of any make or model.

That’s why we’re pleased to offer you this two great financing deals to get the repairs you need now and get your Subaru back to tip-top condition.

Our Subaru-only expert mechanics can get your vehicle up and running smoothly for far less than financing a new car payment. Even financing a significant repair under our interest-free financing offer is better than anchoring yourself to an outrageous car note for years to come. 

Come in, get the service you need and enjoy your reliable like-new ride to get you, the kids and your dogs anywhere you want to go and back, safe and sound.

Contact Suburb Service Now to Schedule That Much-Needed Repair

Choose Suburb Service for your Subaru repair and see just what an incredible difference it is having a Subaru-only shop taking care of your vehicle. We have the expertise to fix whatever is ailing your Subaru no matter how new, old or in-between or what model and options you have. We know Subaru – it’s all we do and we do it well.

Call us to schedule a repair appointment at our Seattle or Marysville location and find out more about zero interest financing of your car repair with either Synchrony Bank or CarCareONE card.