Here’s What Happens If You Don’t Drive Your Car for Months

Coronavirus, quarantines, and this “new normal” have kept us all inside and off the roads for quite some time. And, your car is likely feeling a little less love, too. If you haven’t driven your Subaru in a while, you’re probably wondering what could happen if you left it alone for too long, no? We’ve got the answer. Here’s a rundown of a few of the things that could happen to your Subaru when you leave it alone untouched for a few weeks or more. 

Your battery will die. 

If your car isn’t in use, it would take around two weeks for the battery to drain completely. With newer Subaru models, the electrical components use the battery in small amounts even when the car isn’t cranked. If you don’t drive the car on long enough trips to recharge the battery, it will eventually lose too much power. If you know that you won’t be using your car for a long time, it’s highly advised to disconnect the battery or turn on the engine occasionally.

The tires may deflate.

Tires, if left alone for months, may deflate and degrade. As the rubber takes on the car’s weight with less air, you may also notice unrepairable cracks. To avoid this, you’ll want to inflate the tires to the recommended PSI rating or place something solid under the base of the car to take pressure off the tires. 

Infestation is possible. 

Infestation is a thing of nightmares, but it’s not uncommon when you leave your car unattended. Dark humid areas of your car can become a safe haven to pests during summer storms if it’s left undisturbed. If this happens, call a pest control company—they’ll take care of it before you try to drive around with some unfriendly copilots. 

It’s body may rust.

Without proper care—like regular car washes and maintenance appointments—your Subaru may begin to rust and paint can begin to disintegrate. Metal can develop into rust when left exposed to the elements without care, so if you’re planning to leave your vehicle alone for some time, you may want to store it in a cool, dry place.

Suburb Service: How We’re Taking Care of our Seattle Customers During COVID-19

At Suburb Service, we have been replacing lots of batteries in Subarus that are 3 years old and older. If you’re local to Seattle and you’ve found yourself with a dead car battery, give us a call. Even during these trying times, the team at Suburb Service is doing everything possible to continue offering service for your Subaru. To learn more about how Suburb Service is keeping you (and your Subaru!) safe during COVID-19, visit our notice page. To make a maintenance appointment or to schedule a repair service, contact us today. Show your Subaru some love.

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