If you’re in the market for a new car, many will tell you now is the time to buy. Some car dealerships are offering 0% financing for up to seven years just to get customers in the door. With all of the latest COVID-19 safety measures in place, however, purchasing a new car might not be your top priority. But, what if we told you everything from test “drives” to paperwork could be done online? Here, we’ll break down how to buy a car virtually—and prove it really is safe!

3 Must-Do Actions for Purchasing a Car Online

1. Set a budget and compare prices.

First, make a plan. What kind of car makes sense for you and your lifestyle? Are you looking for fuel-efficiency? New or used? Do you need to have enough seats for the carpool lane? Or, are you riding solo? Think through your priorities and shop around to determine how much you can afford to spend. Once you’re ready, compare prices from multiple dealers and online only shops like Carvana to make sure you’re really getting the best price on the market. 

You’ll also want to check prices against Kelley Blue Book or a similar auto-valuation site which allows you to search by size, price, fuel efficiency, and safety scores to see what your selected model of new or used vehicle is actually worth.

3. Ask about a “contactless” test drive.

We live in some unprecedented times and most dealerships will be understanding of your hesitancy to come in for a test drive. Instead of risking your health and wellness, consider asking for a “contactless” test drive. Many dealers have shifted to the idea of bringing the car to your house to let you test drive it. 

3. Negotiate price.

Time to buy? Don’t settle for the sticker price. Look around the web and check Kelly Blue Book, Edmunds and the like to see what other buyers have recently purchased your make and model for to determine fair value price. Dealerships are always willing to make trades and negotiate for a better price if it’ll get you to sign on the dotted line.

You may even be able to negotiate a home delivery so you can stay socially distanced while enjoying your new ride.

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