subaru tire replacement services in seattle

Subaru Tire Store Seattle

Tires,Tires,Tires! Yes, Suburb Service now sells and installs quality tires. 

You have trusted Candy and her staff to keep your Subaru running for many years. Now trust us to give you the straight story on tires. After a lot of study and training, we can now offer quality tires that are just perfect for your Subaru.

Quality Tire Service, Competitive Prices

There are many choices for tires for your Subaru and family. Let us help you make an informed decision that best suits your Subaru and driving needs. We can offer all price points and yes we can compete with the mass marketers and the discount tire stores. 

However there is a difference, you know we have always provided quality service with the best parts available and the best possible service. Our tire service center will be no different.

The tire brands we offer will be best suited for your Subaru. We will help you make informed decisions based on your car, driving habits and the conditions in which you drive. Today there are so many different issues to consider when buying tires. 

  • subaru tires replacement seattleOf course, we start with the year and model of your Subaru.
  • Then we determine how many miles you drive in a year.
  • We factor in what you carry in your car including the family.
  • We consider in the age of your car as well as the overall condition of the suspension.
  • We even look at your present tires and see how they have worn.

Tips to Get Better Fuel Milage

Did you know tires today are designed to give you better fuel mileage? Speaking of fuel economy did you know every 50 pounds of “stuff” in your car increases your fuel consumption? 

If you have one of those roof pods and carry more “stuff” up there it will cost you more mileage. So to give you the best tire for your driving conditions, Candy and her staff will ask questions, check your present tires, and after a bit of research, suggest the tire that best fits your needs.

Every time your Subaru is in our shop we inspect your tires for wear, sidewall cracking, and manufacture date. We will keep you informed and let you know when its time to replace your older worn tires.

Our Tire Promise to You

We will not sell you a tire because the manufacturer has a special deal or kick back to the installer that month. We will not sell you a tire that is not best suited to your needs.   

Our promise to you is the right tire for your needs at the right price. We won’t be undersold. Of course, we offer free service loaners so you can do your daily business while we are installing your new tires, rather than sitting in a lobby eating stale popcorn watching daytime television. 

By the way, we are not limited to Subaru, if you have another car we can provide our tire service for any passenger car foreign or domestic.

Give us a call at our Seattle shop (206) 364-8089 or stop by for a free tire analysis.