Subaru Baja in Lake Forest Park and Shoreline

If you’re in Lake Forest Park, Shoreline, or the surrounding area and need service on your Subaru Baja, Suburb Service is the auto repair shop for the job. Our auto mechanics are experts in independent Subaru repair.

Though out of production, Subarus are so resilient that if you bought a Subaru Baja during the four years it was produced (2003-2006), likely, the car is still running great. If you like the looks and performance of the turbocharged Baja, you’ll need an expert auto repair team to help keep it running like new because once it’s gone, there’s no other small truck on the market from any brand of vehicle. The good news is the auto mechanics at Suburb Service are up for the challenge.

If you’re in Lake Forest Park or the Shoreline area and want to make your Subaru Baja last, take your Baja to the place that knows and loves Subarus as much as you do. Many parts are interchangeable with the Subaru Legacy. Our auto mechanics have the experience to diagnose and repair your Subaru Baja. When you’re here for recommended maintenance, we’ll carefully inspect the entire vehicle to prevent costly surprises down the road. Bring your Baja to Suburb Service, and we’ll work together to make it last. You’ll soon be singing our praises like the customer below:

"Specialization is key for car work, and Suburb Service people are Subaru experts. Prompt and friendly service. Knowledgeable and honest technicians. Reasonable pricing. I've only been once, but based on my first visit I plan to use Suburb Service ongoing." -- Diana M.

Your Subaru Baja is one-of-a-kind! We’ll keep your Subaru Baja zipping through the streets of Lake Forest Park, Shoreline, or the surrounding area for a long time to come! Call us at (206) 364-8089 or schedule an appointment. Suburb Service is located at 15017 Bothell Way NE, Lake Forest Park, WA 98155. Come and see how we go above and beyond for our customers!