Subaru Forester in Lake Forest Park and Shoreline

If you’re in Lake Forest Park, Shoreline, or the surrounding communities and need quality auto repair service for your Subaru Forester, look no further than Suburb Service. Serving the Shoreline and Lake Forest Park area, our auto repair shop has the experienced auto mechanics you need to keep your Forester running like new for years to come.

If you own a Subaru Forester, you want the best of both worlds. A compact SUV with a lot of cargo space, your Forester will help you haul your family around town all week long, but when the weekend comes, you can channel your inner road warrior and go off-roading on the many mountain trails in Washington state. To top it off, your Subaru Forester has a strong resale value. However, you’ll need expert Subaru care to keep it that way.

That’s where Suburb Service comes in. If you’re in Lake Forest Park or the surrounding area near Shoreline or North Seattle, the auto mechanics at Suburb Service can keep your Subaru Forester running in top condition with routine maintenance at factory-recommended service intervals. You can be sure our Master Technicians will go over your car carefully while you’re here and look for any other problems that might arise to help you avoid costly repairs. You’re not just a number to us, and once we get to know you and your driving habits, it will help us provide better service for you and your Subie as we did for our customer in the five-star review:

"I've taken my Subaru Forester to Suburb Service ("All we do is Subaru") for at least 7 years now, and I've found them to be reliable, responsive, and more than fair. A few examples out of many I could cite: When I said I'd like to replace the failed clock above the rear-view mirror, the owner said, "You don't want to do that. The labor's too expensive. Just buy a little clock and stick it on the dash." When I'd been driving with my emergency brake slightly engaged, leading to brake fluid overheating and a loss of brake power, I called Suburb Service; the owner did a quick diagnostic over the phone, told me to stay put, called a tow truck for me, and had the car towed to their shop. When I had a semi-flat tire that became totally flat as I was driving to a tire store, I called SS; the owner and a mechanic came to me to change to my spare so that I could continue to the tire store. Incredibly, she didn't even charge me for the personal service, simply saying that I'm a good customer! When I replace this Forester, one major reason to buy another Subaru will be that I can still go to Suburb Service!" -- Alice K.

Long live your Subaru Forester! Let the Subaru experts at Suburb Service keep your Subaru Forester running like new for the long haul. If you’re in Lake Forest Park, Shoreline, or the surrounding area, call us at (206) 364-8089 or schedule an appointment. Suburb Service is located at 15017 Bothell Way NE, Lake Forest Park, WA 98155. Come and see how we go above and beyond for our customers!