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No matter if your Subaru just rolled off the lot or has been rolling around for decades, one of the keys to keeping your vehicle road ready is routine maintenance. There are two basic types of maintenance you need to take care of to keep your Subaru purring and avoid costly repairs and the stress of breakdowns.

First is factory scheduled maintenance and second is preventative maintenance. These may overlap occasionally, but both are very important.

Are you someone who likes to buy a new car every few years and never wants a car with more than 60,000 miles on it? Are you a die-hard road warrior who loves to watch your odometer rack up miles and can’t wait to hit major mileage milestone?

No matter which you are, or if you’re somewhere in between, regular maintenance is what will keep your vehicle in affordable in working order!


Consider these maintenance tips to keep your Subaru running strong:

#1 Don’t Skimp On Factory Scheduled Subaru Maintenance

If your Subaru is under 100,000 miles, there is a schedule for maintenance that’s been developed by Subaru to keep your vehicle in prime working order. The schedule will differ slightly by Subaru model, but this is a general guide to what your car needs to run smoothly:

  • 7,500 miles – Top off fluids, rotate tires and change oil
  • 15,000 miles – Inspect brake pads and linings and axles/CV joints, inspect clutch, steering and suspension, rotate tires and change oil
  • 30,000 miles – Inspect belts, check (and replace if needed) engine coolant, fuel filter, air cleaner, spark plugs, replace brake fluid, inspect transmission and transmission fluid, inspect clutch, brakes, steering and suspension, rotate tires and change oil
  • 45,000 miles –   Inspect brake pads and linings and axles/CV joints, inspect clutch, steering and suspension, rotate tires and change oil
  • 60,000 miles – Inspect belts (replace worn), check (and replace if needed) engine coolant, fuel filter, air cleaner, spark plugs, replace brake fluid, inspect clutch, brakes, steering and suspension, inspect wheel bearing lubricant, rotate tires and change oil
  • 90,000 miles – Same as 30,000 mile scheduled maintenance
  • 105,000 miles – Replace timing belt, inspect brake pads and linings and axles/CV joints, inspect clutch, steering and suspension, inspect valve clearance, rotate tires and change oil

By taking the factory scheduled maintenance plan seriously, you can avoid many major repairs by catching problems early before they escalate into expensive engine problems. Don’t be fooled by the urban legend that factory maintenance is a scam by car dealers. It’s more likely in their best interest if your car broke down and you had to buy a new one.

If you’re worried about the cost of scheduled maintenance on your Subaru, use Suburb Service. We charge drastically less than dealer shops, and our ASE certified mechanics use only genuine Subaru parts. Regular maintenance is much more affordable than a catastrophic repair caused by neglect!


#2 Preventative Subaru Maintenance Makes Smart Money Sense

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Factory scheduled maintenance is a little different from preventative maintenance but equally as important. This includes taking care of your Subaru beyond the mileage recommended checklist published by the manufacturer.

If you drive your car hard – called severe driving – you will need more preventative maintenance than a routine Subaru driver.

Severe driving includes making repeated short trips, having a lot of stop and go and extensive idling.

This is typical of urban driving where you are in stop and go city traffic and are frequently idling at red lights or pedestrian crosswalk.

Driving in rural areas or rough winter weather may also be considered severe if you drive your Subaru frequently on rough, muddy, dusty, cold or mountainous roads, if you tow a trailer or drive in salty conditions. In either case, if your Subaru is operated under severe driving conditions, you need to change the oil over 3,750 miles.

If you drive normal duty driving which includes city and freeway driving with no unusual road conditions or workload stress, preventative maintenance includes regular oil changes at 7,500 miles.

Preventative maintenance also includes replacing your tires as soon as they begin to show wear, keeping your tires balanced for even wear and addressing any minor symptom before it becomes something major.

If you hear a squeak, feel a shimmy or smell something funny from your engine or exhaust, good preventative maintenance includes bringing your Subaru in to have the symptom checked out. Often, an early warning sign – if address right away – can prevent an expensive and extensive repair later!


#3 With Proper Subaru Maintenance, You Can Drive Your Car Forever

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Okay, maybe not forever, but pretty darned close. Most engines could last indefinitely if it weren’t for heat damage – it’s the heat that wears out parts, melts through wires and burns out sensors.

But preventative and factory scheduled maintenance are designed to help you beat the heat and keep your Subaru’s engine in prime working condition.

If you own a high mileage Subaru, you already know that when properly maintained, these are great cars that can last decades.

The Subaru High Mileage Club is an online network of Subaru owners worldwide who love their Subarus and celebrate achieving high mileage milestones. One thing all of the high mileage Subaru owners agree on is the important of regular maintenance and credit it with the longevity of their vehicle!


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Trust a Subaru Expert to Keep You on the Road

Dealer repair shops charge way too much for even basis services. Standard repair shops may not have the expertise to properly care for your car. Even shops that say they work on Japanese models may not have the knowledge needed – there are eight major Japanese brands – each with a multitude of models and model years.

At Suburb Service, we only work on Subarus – it’s all we’ve done for over two decades – our expertise is guaranteed.

Whether your Subaru needs factory scheduled maintenance, preventative maintenance, has a squeak, a leak or needs a fix of any sort, Suburb Service is here for you.

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