Best Independent Subaru Maintenance in the Greater Seattle Area

Suburb Service is the top independent Subaru maintenance provider in the greater Seattle area. Locally owned and operated, our highly trained and experienced ASE-certified technicians specialize in factory-scheduled and preventative maintenance for all Subaru models. We do ONLY Subaru, and we're dedicated to meeting or exceeding customer expectations on every job every time.

Superior Subaru Maintenance

The expert team at Suburb Service has worked exclusively on Subaru vehicles for over 25 years. Simply stated, we're the most experienced and trusted independent Subaru repair and service center in the region. You can count on our ASE-certified mechanics for the knowledge and expertise to address any and all your Subie's needs, guaranteed. Using the most advanced technologies, industry-proven techniques and genuine Subaru parts, we deliver superior results for less than the dealership service department.

Factory-Scheduled Maintenance is Important!

Do you like to buy a new car every few years because you want to drive a vehicle with under 60,000 miles on the odometer? Or are you a die-hard road warrior who loves to watch your odometer rack up miles and can't wait to hit major mileage milestones? Whichever you are, or if you're somewhere in between, factory-scheduled Subaru maintenance is what will keep your vehicle in good working order.

Whether your Subaru just rolled off the lot or has been rolling for decades, it's important to be familiar with the factory-recommended maintenance schedule and follow its advice. From topping off fluids, rotating tires and changing engine oil to inspecting belts, hoses and brake pads, our expert technicians are here to help. Don't be fooled by the urban legend that factory-scheduled maintenance is a dealership scam. Frankly, it's more in their best interest if your car breaks down and you have to buy a new one! Taking your maintenance schedule seriously can help you avoid major Subaru repairs before they escalate, saving you time and money down the road

Preventative Maintenance Helps You Beat the Heat

Subaru engines could last almost indefinitely if it weren't for heat damage which gradually wears parts down, melts through wires and burns out sensors. Preventative maintenance is designed to help you beat the heat and keep your engine in prime working condition. Preventative Subaru maintenance is a little different than factory-scheduled maintenance, going beyond the manufacturer-recommended checklist. If you hear a squeak, feel a shimmy or smell something funny from under your hood, bring your Subie in for a checkup. We'll help stop expensive repairs from getting you overheated.

Subaru Maintenance Experts in the Greater Seattle Area

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