Independent Subaru Maintenance in Lake Forest Park and Shoreline

When you’re in the market for independent Subaru maintenance in the Lake Forest Park and Shoreline area, Suburb Service is the one to beat. Our auto mechanics are factory-trained and Master Technician certified to meet all the challenges your Subaru may present.

As an independent Subaru maintenance shop in the Lake Forest Park and Shoreline area, Suburb Service has since our beginning served as an alternative to the dealerships in providing the very best independent Subaru service possible. That’s because, since our inception, we were designed to be something more than a dealership could offer a Subaru customer.

Suburb Service has been owned and operated by women since 1997. The relationships with our customers have always been our #1 priority. We hire factory-trained Master Technicians who work hard to combine the best of auto repair with your complete convenience. We do so with the following services:

  • Digital Vehicle Inspection
  • Loaner cars
  • Touchless options
  • 12-month/12,000-mile warranty local to our area

Suburb Service is the go-to place for Independent Subaru maintenance in Lake Forest Park, the Shoreline area, and beyond. The following Five-Star testimonial should tell a discerning Subaru driver exactly the kind of shop we are:

"As a long-time customer it was only right to finally write a review about my experiences here: I have been going to this location for several years now. My commute from the Central District is well worth the drive each time because of their speedy and thorough services. Already I've been back for my 100k/130k as well as a clutch replacement for my '06 Impreza hatchback. There is a mental checklist I always go by whenever I try out a new place for any type of service. Transparency, customer service, and pricing are all things I look for specifically. Transparency - I believe that a lot of shops withhold information or up-sell you on repairs that don't need immediate servicing. Suburb Services makes sure to call right away when they find anything worthwhile for repairs and give you a timeline of exactly all the things they have changed or are planning to change (with your permission). Ultimately you are the owner of your car and they make sure you make the final decision with a full understanding of what is going on. “Customer Service - These guys are very straightforward with explaining all potential concerns and how the repairs would affect your car's overall performance. Friendly and always calling in a timely manner, overall I always got a good vibe each time I spoke to them. Did I mention they have loaner cars if you need to leave your whip in the shop for a few days? For FREE too? Just fill up the gas you use and get temporary full coverage on the days you are using the loaner. Very clutch! (Pun intended lol) “Pricing - Okay... here's the fun part where everyone freaks out when it comes to auto-repairs. First, realize how much you pay on repairs in the long run and how much DO YOU really love your Subaru? As one of the only types of cars to run consistently tried and true (next to Toyota) even past 250k, you gotta pay out to really get the most out of your experience. Repairs are not cheap, but Suburb Services' pricing is very fair and reasonable. Pay the right amount and drive away confident! I think it makes more sense to pay a few dollars more for a guaranteed excellent service and it’s still less than what you would pay at the dealership. Subaru specific repairs require Subaru-specific professionals! The engine style of Subaru requires a special type of TLC and may not be as cheap as a Honda Civic repair, but then again, this is why your car will last twice as long if it is taken care of well. Pricing here makes sense! Check the monthly offers on their social media accounts if you are looking for deals too. 5 out of 5 because I am biased and I love my Subaru. I don't know of any other Subaru specific repair shop anywhere in the city other than the dealership or this place, you can make the best obvious choice I hope." -- Sean L.

If the moment has come to find independent Subaru maintenance in the Lake Forest Park and Shoreline area, come experience the kind of auto repair that only Suburb Service can provide! Our management, service advisors, and auto mechanics strive to make the repair process easy for you as we handle all of your needs. Schedule an appointment today! You can find us at 15017 Bothell Way NE, Lake Forest Park, WA 98155, and we're open Monday through Friday, from 7 AM to 4 PM. Suburb Service: All We Do Is Subaru!