Subaru Manual Transmissions in Lake Forest Park and Shoreline

If you’re in the Lake Forest Park or Shoreline area, the place to bring manual transmission issues is Suburb Service. Our auto mechanics are factory-trained and Master Technician certified for your auto repair needs!

A manual transmission is becoming a rare thing, but many drivers still prefer it. A manual transmission grants the driver better control of speed and gives better gas mileage, and also ensures better control of slowing down. Possible signs of a problem with your manual transmission include:

  • The clutch has a loose, “slipping” feel to it when you switch gears.
  • There are forbidding grinding noises when you shift gears.
  • Strange smells in general emanate from switching gears.
  • You can no longer get the car into gear.

If there’s any indication that your Subaru has trouble with its manual transmission, bring it to Suburb Service sooner rather than later. Remember, most issues start small and lead to damage later. It’s better to repair a small issue with low transmission fluid than replace an entire transmission. Since 1997, Suburb Service has been owned/operated by women, and as a result, relationships with our customer are the #1 priority. Our auto mechanics are factory-trained Master Technicians who work hard to marry the best of service with complete convenience with our Digital Vehicle Inspection, touchless options, loaner cars, and of course our 12-month/12,000-mile warranty local to our area. Check out this five-star review from a satisfied customer:

"I've taken my Subaru Forester to Suburb Service ("All we do is Subaru") for at least 7 years now, and I've found them to be reliable, responsive, and more than fair. A few examples out of many I could cite: When I said I'd like to replace the failed clock above the rear-view mirror, the owner said, "You don't want to do that. The labor's too expensive. Just buy a little clock and stick it on the dash." When I'd been driving with my emergency brake slightly engaged, leading to brake fluid overheating and a loss of brake power, I called Suburb Service; the owner did a quick diagnostic over the phone, told me to stay put, called a tow truck for me, and had the car towed to their shop. When I had a semi-flat tire that became totally flat as I was driving to a tire store, I called SS; the owner and a mechanic came to me to change to my spare so that I could continue to the tire store. Incredibly, she didn't even charge me for the personal service, simply saying that I'm a good customer! When I replace this Forester, one major reason to buy another Subaru will be that I can still go to Suburb Service!" -- Alice K.

Got a manual transmission Subaru in the Lake Forest Park and Shoreline area you need service for? We’d like to invite you to rely upon the kind of auto repair experience that only Suburb Service can provide. Our management, service advisors, and auto mechanics strive to make the repair process easy for you as we handle all of your needs. Schedule an appointment today! You can find us at 15017 Bothell Way NE, Lake Forest Park, WA 98155, and we're open Monday through Friday, from 7 AM to 4 PM. Suburb Service: All We Do Is Subaru!