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A car means different things to different people. To a teenager, a car equals freedom. To a working adult, a car may represent a tool to get you to and from work to earn a living. To a parent, a car is a vessel of safe passage for your children to get from place to another. To an older adult, a car represents independence (it comes full circle back to that teenage sense of freedom)!

But when your Subaru is making a funny noise, overheating or not performing like it should, it becomes a source of stress.

That’s no good for anyone. If your car doesn’t start, it can ruin your day. If your car breaks down and leaves you stranded, it can ruin your week.

But if you take good care of your Subaru, the chances of breakdown can be lessened and the resulting repairs can be easier and more affordable to fix.

Independent Subaru Service

If you own a Subaru, you are lucky enough to be driving an extremely reliable vehicle that can last you for decades if properly cared for. Here are some tips to keep you and your Subaru on the road and in prime working condition:

#1 An Ounce of Prevention and Other Good Independent Subaru Repair Advice

Much like with your own health, check-ups and a healthy regimen are key to your longevity. It’s the same way with your Subaru. Preventative maintenance – also known as routine scheduled maintenance – is critically important to your car’s health. Skimping on regular oil changes, filter changes and tire rotations can lead to complications down the road.

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From spark plugs to hoses and belts, sticking to the routine scheduled maintenance recommended for your Subaru can head off major issues before they leave you stranded and frustrated.

Each preventative maintenance check-up includes a look at your engine, how it’s performing and sounding and can tip you off to small problems before they become major ones.

If you’re concerned that scheduled maintenance is a dealer rip-off, know that anytime you use the dealer’s repair shop, you’re looking at a heftier bill than from an independent shop.

Suburb Service can take care of all of your preventative maintenance affordably to ensure you’ve got a stress free ride in a healthy Subaru.

Routine Independent Subaru Repair

#2 If Your Engine’s Knocking, Don’t Get Left Walking As soon as your Subaru develops a questionable symptom such as knocking, stalling, shimmying or anything out of the ordinary, the longer you ignore it, the greater the risk that something small can turn into a major repair that can leave you an unwilling pedestrian! Here are some symptoms to be watchful of:

  • Steering problems or squeaks when turning – can indicate low fluid or a more serious transmission problem
  • Stalling or requires repeated cranks to turn over – could be low battery fluids, dying battery, alternator or other more serious issues
  • Increased smoke from tailpipe – can indicate emission system problems
  • Noisy, grinding brakes or difficulty braking – can indicate need for pads, calipers or rotors
  • Air conditioning or heat not blowing cold or hot – can indicate low coolant, fan or belt problems or low fluids
  • Uneven tire wear or shimmying – can indicate problems with steering, struts, shocks, axles or alignment

If your Subaru is off-kilter, no matter what the symptom, Suburb Service can get you in, out and back on the road quickly and affordably. Don’t let a little problem turn into a major automotive crisis.

Running Rough?

#3 When a Head Gasket Becomes a Headache

Different vehicles have earned reputations for having particular foibles. With Chryslers, it’s transmission problems.

With Jeeps, it’s electrical issues. With Subarus, it’s the head gasket. Consumer Reports shows head gasket problems have been ongoing issues with many models through year 2004.

2002 Subaru vehicles are particularly problematic, incurring more than double the number of problems of any other year Subaru between 1996 through 2012. And the Outback is far and away the most frequently repaired of all Subaru models, followed by the Legacy and the Forester.

So how do you know if your Subaru is having head gasket issues? You may see an oily residue in your coolant overflow or coolant or oil leaks underneath your vehicle. Your engine may overheat on long highway drives or mountainous roads.

If your Subaru overheats – stop the car immediately – continuing to drive an overheated engine can result in complete and permanent engine breakdown. Do NOT open the radiator cap while your engine is hot – you can be seriously burned.

The earlier you recognize the symptoms and bring your Subaru in for a repair, the cheaper the repair will be. The longer you leave it, the greater the risk for engine damage that can be costly.

Driving your Subaru with blown head gaskets can damage cylinder heads and even the motor. Contact Suburb Service at our North Seattle  location and we can pick up your car and even give you a loaner while we get your Subaru road ready.


#4 It’s Better To Trust a Mechanic That All They Do Is Subaru!

Dealership repair shops charge ridiculous prices. General repair shops may not have the expertise to recognize Subaru-specific issues. Even mechanics that say they specialize in all Japanese models are over-reaching.

That’s like a mechanic saying they specialize in American cars – there are so many brands, that’s just not possible. But Suburb Service only works on Subarus – it’s all we’ve done for the past 20 years – so our expertise is assured.

Call Suburb Service at our North Seattle location or click here to make an appointment online. We are ready to help you keep your Subaru running well and trouble free affordably.


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