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Windows or A/C: Which Cools My Car Faster?

Windows or A/C: Which Cools My Car Faster?

Photo by Paul Hermann on Unsplash Windows or A/C: Which Cools My Car Faster? When it comes to beating the summer heat while driving, we often ponder whether rolling down the windows or cranking up the air conditioning (A/C) is the more efficient option.   It’s a myth that A/C is worse for fuel economy than opening the windows, and if your A/C is working as it should, it’ll likely cool your car much faster than having your windows open.   This blog will delve into the topic and dispel some common myths surrounding this debate. At Suburb Service in Lake Forest Park, Washington, we understand the importance of having a properly functioning A/C system, and we'll discuss why it's crucial for your comfort and overall driving experience. The Myth: Opening Windows Is More Efficient than Using A/C One popular misconception is that rolling down the windows is a ... read more