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What Your Young Driver Should Know About Subaru Maintenance

What Your Young Driver Should Know About Subaru Maintenance

Photo by Matan Ray Vizel on Pixabay   As we get closer to the new school year, many first-time drivers will start out on Lake Forest Park roads. It’s an exciting time for them as they discover the freedom that a car and a full tank of gas can bring.    Do you have a young driver in your home learning about cars for the first time? Passing on Subbie love is a beautiful experience. Subaru’s state-of-the-art safety features, affordability, and fuel efficiency are just a few reasons why Subaru is a great first car for a new driver. But they must understand the responsibility of upkeep that comes with owning a vehicle for the first time. Here are a few things for new drivers to keep in mind about Subaru maintenance:   Read the owner’s manual - this step ought to be obvious, but it’s often skipped. People will only refer to the manual when they need to know something and never take the time to read it. This step should be a gatekeeper to gaining ... read more

Why Are Subarus Known For Head Gaskets?

Why Are Subarus Known For Head Gaskets?

Photo by Jakob Rosen on Unsplash   Welcome to the new blog! We’re going to talk about the elephant in the back seat: Subaru’s issues with head gaskets.    While most Subaru fans LOVE their cars, one of the most frustrating elements of owning a Subaru has been the company’s lack of accountability for faulty head gaskets. Unreliable material in manufacturing has made the head gaskets a regular issue. These are three symptoms to watch for that may indicate head gasket damage:   Coolant overflow Coolant or oil leaks beneath your vehicle Overheating engine on highway or mountainous roads   ​Many models were affected over a decade… here’s the Subie models that might need he ... read more

Tricks for Keeping Your Car Battery Charged In Cold Temperatures

According to the Weather Channel, the average low temperature in Seattle in winter is in the high 30s; and, all Seattle residents know that winters come with freezing rain and snow. Having a strong car battery to get you from place to place is a must. Don't get stranded this year-here are 4 tricks for keeping your car battery charged in cold temperatures. 4 Tips for Keeping a Car Battery Charged In The Cold1. Park your car in the garage. If you have a garage available for use, park your car there at night. This is a simple first step, but it can do wonders for saving your battery during winter. Cold gusts of wind and inclimate weather can kill the battery in your car fairly quickly because of the strain it puts on it. Don't have a garage? Try to park way from the direction of the wind gusts, if possible. 2. Let it warm up first. Before you crank up the heat, blast the radio, and flick on the lights, give your engine a chance to ... read more

Subaru Air-Conditioning Dos and Don’ts

Restoring an old Subaru as a side project? Did the AC go out in your newer Subaru model? If you're a do-it-yourself type of person, you might run into some confusion. When its time to work on the air conditioning in your Subaru, you'll want to know the dos and don'ts of air conditioning and refrigerant. Here are some things to know. 3 Dos of Subaru AC Replacement 1. Do diagnose the root cause of your AC failure first. Before you do anything drastic to your Subaru's air conditioning system, consider the root cause of the failure. If the AC system isn't working, ask yourself what could be wrong. Do you need to replace the refrigerant? Or, do you need a full-on rejuvenation of the system and to replace the compressor? Knowing what's wrong will help you find a solution to fix it before you invest your time and money. 2. Do use a refrigerant that is EPA-approved. Before you go installing new refrigerant into your vehicle, you'll want ... read more

Know the Difference between an Auto Cooling System and Air Conditioning?

SUBURB SERVICE DOES! If the answer is no, you're not alone. The general population has a misperception that a vehicle runs on one continual cooling system that cools down both the engine and the cabin. In actuality, every vehicle has two separate systems! One for you, and one for your Subaru. If you're part of the Pacific Northwest during the summer months, you can be thankful you have an entire system to yourself, while your Subaru keeps cool on its own. So how can you tell the difference? The Auto Cooling System guessed it...for the automobile! Which leaves the Air Conditioning all to you. We'll break down the differences, so the next time you bring your Subaru in for a tune-up, you can talk shop with the best of us. Auto Cooling System Ever get out of your car after a long drive, lean up against the hood while chatting with a fellow traveler, and quickly realize "whoops, that's hot!"? Your engine generates a lot of heat under there! It takes constant motion ... read more