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Spring Cleaning and your Subaru

Photo bynick Kaufman onUnsplash

Spring Cleaning time is here!

March is here, and spring is on the way! It’s a good time for getting all of your ducks in a row. Taxes need to be calculated before April comes around. Also, it’s time for the house to be cleaned and de-cluttered -- that yearly ritual we call Spring Cleaning.


Now that the time has come for some spring cleaning, your Subbie would appreciate the same kind of attention! Giving it some love helps you as a driver– studies show that drivers are more careful with cars that they go through the trouble to clean. (Something to consider if you have a young driver in the home who borrows the car, and takes a few unnecessary risks!)


Here’s some ways you can spring clean your Subbie to perfection!

Wash the car -- properly

Don’t just take your Subbie through an automatic wash! Go over it and get all the nooks and crannies cleaned. Vacuum out the debris in the engine chassis. Make sure your car is spotless. Replace the air filter so it’s ready for a new year!

Detail the inside -- thoroughly

More than just aesthetically pleasing, a cleanup of the cabin of your car can be beneficial to the health of your passengers. Molds and bacteria can form when food crumbs are left in the car. Vacuum the cabin completely, and wipe down all the surfaces with antibacterial sprays. Be sure to replace the air conditioning’s cabin air filter, too!

Organize the glove compartment and the center console -- pertinently

Throw out the old collected knick-knacks, like straws you won’t bother to use because of aging, condiment packets that have not been used, etc. Organize the paperwork into a smaller container and throw out anything that is past the warranty and no longer of value. 

Clean, organize and restock the trunk

Your car’s trunk is often used so much that it can become a jumble over time. Have a clear out! Get out anything that isn’t vital. If you have a winter breakdown survival kit, put the winter items in your garage for the summer to save on space. Vacuum the inside and in the ledges of the hinge, cleaning out any dead leaves that may have gathered.


Don’t forget to keep up with your Subaru-recommended maintenance schedule!

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