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2018 Crosstrek Spotlight

There are thousands of crossover vehicles on the market today but none hold a candle to the 2018 Subaru Crosstrek.

Everyone is raving about this incredible vehicle and it's not even out on the market yet! A few lucky souls have gotten their hands on some test models and have shared their thoughts with the rest of us in the Seattle area who, unfortunately, will have to wait to see them for ourselves.

The Crosstrek is the perfect blend of sleek styling with sporty, off road functionality. It is considerably quieter than most vehicles in its class and with comfortable, cloth seats and an impressive, high-tech dashboard display, you can easily see why the Crosstrek is already a wildly popular choice.

Let's talk specs

The Crosstrek comes in both CVT and manual options. The manual transmission boasts 6 speeds for better off road driving. The improved steering ratio of 13:1 makes turning a breeze. The Crosstrek also has an emergency hand brake that is a rare but beloved feature in a crossover.

Should you choose the CVT, you will have the pleasure of experiencing Bellevue Subaru's new "X-Mode" which helps to maintain excellent traction when going up or down steep hills. This hill descent control feature works amazingly well for off road adventuring.

The Crosstrek also ranks Best In Class with a ground clearance of 8 inches; also great for off roading. The 2018 model has a larger rear hatch opening for easy loading and a generous cargo area for storage.

What the Crosstrek excels in when discussing features it lacks in speed. The four cylinder, 150 hp engine is definitely not your standard race car, but the statistics show that the main demographic that purchases the Crosstrek is more interested in it's incredible off road features than speed.

We're talking people who are interested in camping, fishing, hiking, and off road biking, not NASCAR fans. When you take this into consideration, the Crosstrek's lack of impressive speed is a non issue.

Now it's time to run the numbers. The Crosstrek is the epitome of fuel efficiency averaging 550 miles per tank and roughly 31 miles per gallon on the highway. Pricing for the standard model starts at around $21,000 with the fully loaded model reaching about $30,000.

The Crosstrek is also compatible with Apple Carplay and Android Auto. Anyone who thinks you can't travel the open back roads of Lynnwood in style clearly has never experienced the Subaru Crosstrek.

The Crosstrek is so incredible that customers are still lining up to purchase the 2017 models rather than holding out to purchase the newer 2018s. Fans just can't wait to get their hands on this amazing vehicle, and with the laundry list of extraordinary features paired with the affordable pricing and astonishing gas mileage, we can see why.