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5 Essential Autumn Driving Safety Tips

It's almost that time of year again...time to say goodbye to summer and hello to that cool Fall weather. You wouldn't think that your driving habits would change much between the two seasons, but surprisingly, there are a few hazards that you need to be aware of when Fall rolls around.

Here are some of our best Fall driving safety tips to help protect you and your family on the road

Beware of the Leaves

Leaves can be dangerous for two main reasons. First, when leaves become damp or wet they can become slippery. Allow yourself a little more distance between your car and those around you when trying to stop on leaf-covered roads.

Secondly, we all enjoy taking photos of the beautiful leaves changing on the trees in the Fall. This can cause somewhat of a hazard when people pull their cars over and park on the side of the road to snap that perfect post card shot of the brightly colored trees.

Be aware of people opening doors to cars parked on the side of the road and slow down when passing parked cars.

Keep an Eye Out for Wildlife During Hunting/Mating Season

Why would hunting season have any affect on your Fall driving habits? Because when wild animals feel like they may be in danger, they run. During the Fall, hunters are out trying to put food in the freezer for winter and the deer scatter, sometimes running into the road and being hit by oncoming traffic.

Keep your eyes open for deer on the sides of the road, scanning your eyes from side to side when passing through wooded areas, especially in the dark. Many times your headlights will shine off of the deer's eyes making them more visible.

Speaking of headlights. In the earlier year models the headlights are Lexan which is a polycarbonate material that becomes very faded with sun, and sand and makes it very difficult to see at night.

In most cases we can polish those headlights and make them almost 100% better. In some cases it will never be perfect but you will have safer night time vision. Smaller critters will be on the move too as they prepare for hibernation, so drive with caution.

Watch for Ice on Bridges

The cooler temperatures can cause the dew that settles overnight to freeze, causing bridges and roads to become slick and icy. Bridges and elevated roads such as overpasses will freeze first, so be mindful of your speed and assured clear distance when traveling.

Wear Your Sunglasses

Around the time of the Autumn Equinox, the sun's glare is worst during the first 15-45 minutes after sunrise and before sunset. Make sure you have some type of eye protection handy so your vision remains unobstructed and you can drive safely.

Give Your Eyes Time to Adjust

You will be spending more time in the dark once Fall comes around. That includes driving. Give your eyes a little more time to adjust to the darkness after coming out of a brightly lit building or parking garage. Statistics show that over 50% of traffic accidents occur at night due to decreased visibility and the inability to judge distance and speed of oncoming traffic as well.

Following these simple tips can help you and your family stay safe on the roads. Be sure to pass these tips along to your teen drivers as well, and as always, never under any circumstances text and drive.

And remember, when we do your oil change, we also check your brakes, wipers, air filter, coolant. Why not stop in? Click here to schedule an appointment at Suburb Subaru, or call (206) 705-8695 to reach our Seattle location. Save travels!