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8 Tips On How To Wash Your Car Like A Pro

Just because you own a Subaru and balance between city streets and off road trails, doesn't mean you want to take care of your beloved vehicle any less than the best. Generally, most people, including us Pacific Northwesterners, tend to use the one-stop shop car washes.

You know, the ones where you take a little ticket, put your car in neutral, and let the machines do the rest while you pretend you're on another planet being attacked by giant alien tenticles as you move through the wash. (Oh, is that just us?) While these car washes are great for a quick solution in a time crunch, they actually aren't so great for the long term maintenance of your vehicle.

There's a reason why you won't usually see the pros waiting in line for their five minute wash turn. What do they do? Below, we give you pro tips on how to set your Subaru body up for success, no matter how often you love to explore in the dirt.

How to wash your car like a pro

Choose Supplies Wisely

It's extremely important to read the labels before using any type of car cleaning chemical. Regardless if it's soap, wax, or detailer, the ingredients vary from brand to brand and is not always suitable for every vehicle. Invest in microfiber clothes, and use separate clothes on the paint, wheels, and windows. Washing your towels and cleaning mitts after each use is a must.

Wash Your Car

Use a car washing soap to effectively remove dust, dirt, and mud from the body of your vehicle. Do not use a liquid detergent or dish cleaner - these can damage the paint and completely remove the wax. Always rinse your car thoroughly before drying to avoid any loose pieces of dirt from scratching the paint. Dry with clean mitts or cloths.

Prep The Surface

Washing the exterior allows you to easily see any scratches or oxidation in your paint. You will also be able to notice any bonded contaminants that were not removed during the wash, such as tree sap from your last camping trip. You can purchase a clay bar to help remove the bonded elements, and a compound to remove scratches from the surface.


Now that the surface is smooth and clear, you can apply polish (by hand or with a polisher). The conditioning oils in the polish will add depth to the color and create a glossy look before waxing. This is especially beneficial for dark colored vehicles.


By now, your Subaru is looking fantastic, and you want to keep it that way! Just as you protect your healthy skin with sunscreen, you protect your nice, clean vehicle surface with wax. In fact, the wax actually adds a layer of UV protection from the sun, as well as anything else that may come into contact with the paint.

Wash The Windows

Get ready to gasp...because, we are about to tell you to stay away from Windex (and other household glass cleaners). Glass cleaners such as Windex contain ammonia which can damage the cars window tint. Instead, you an auto window cleaner for the best results.

Don't Forget The Wheels

Wheel cleaning is specific to your type of wheel. It's best to know what type of wheels you have in order to choose the right cleaner. However, if you don't know the type, go with the least powerful version for an acid-free aluminum wheel cleaner. This version is safe for all types of wheels.


The hard work is over! Do yourself a favor and take steps to maintain its appearance. There some super simple ways to encourage the protection to last longer. Keep a spray detailer and clean microfiber cloth in your trunk to whip out for a quick dust removal session (or those inevitable bird droppings)

As much as we love Subarus, we want to maintain our favorite vehicles so we can enjoy them as long as possible. Want help knowing what supplies is best for your Subaru? Click here to schedule an appointment at Suburb Service, or call (206) 705-8695 to reach our Seattle location. Show your Subaru some love.