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Monthly Archives: April 2012

How to Service a Subaru Coolant System

Driving a Subaru is a bit like driving a tank. You have the best of all-wheel drive, incredible safety standards, high quality materials, and a comfortable amount of space. They are among the safest road vehicles in rain, ice, and snow. With proper maintenance, a Subaru will run for a lifetime. Subaru parts are durable, but like all mechanical things,they will eventually wear out. We are addressing the coolant system here. Because of the way Subaru engines are structured, performing maintenance on the coolant system can be a bit difficult but extremely necessary. Here's a run down of what it takes to service the Subaru coolant system. Understand this is a basic overview of issues and possible cures. Your car may or may not need this described work or may need more in depth diagnosis or inspection, each model of Subaru has its specialized procedures. Hoses To start, pres ... read more