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Monthly Archives: April 2022

Helping Out When You Witness an Accident

Helping Out When You Witness an Accident

Photo by SD-Pictures on Pixabay Accident Will Happen Being safe on the road is hard enough when everything goes right. One of the biggest slow-down factors in an accident isn’t the obstructions on the road, which are usually cleared quickly; it’s the rubberneckers who want to see what happened and slow down to have a clear view.    While you don’t want to be a rubbernecker, you may have something valuable to offer the accident participants if you had a clear view of events, or have a camera that caught the event clearly. And there might be help that you can offer. If you have approved medical training, you might possibly help save a life. When the Worst Happens When the worst happens, it’s important to not let your own curiosity, interest, and opinions get in the way of helping people out of a bad situation.    Here are some protocols to fol ... read more