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What Makes A Subaru Engine Different From Other Engines?

What Makes A Subaru Engine Different From Other Engines?

Do you understand how fundamentally unique your Subaru is? Most Subaru owners know there’s something quite special and unique about their Subaru. You see it in their love and loyalty for the brand. Subaru love is mighty! It’s not your imagination, though, or the special love you are attaching to a car brand that you like. Subarus are very different to most other vehicles.  In most cars, the pistons go up and down as they generate power. It’s the way combustion is done all over the world. But Subaru does it differently. The pistons in a Subaru go side-to-side.  This difference creates some unique advantages to the engine. The biggest in that the engine of a Subaru is easy to remove from the chassis. With the right tools, it can be completely removed, which makes getting to a hard-to-reach area no longer an issue.  When we work on the engine of a Subaru, our auto mechanics don’t worry about how to proceed. They pull the engine right out of your ... read more