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Monthly Archives: May 2021

Our Five Favorite Road Trips Within 100 Miles of Seattle

Our Five Favorite Road Trips Within 100 Miles of Seattle

Photo by Steven Striegel on Unsplash   Ready to head out on a new adventure in the Subaru? Lucky for you, your Subaru is the perfect adventure vehicle due to all-wheel drive, comfy seating, lots of cargo space, and excellent fuel economy.   Now is also the ideal time to start planning your summer road trip. Here are a few incredible destinations that are within 100 miles of Seattle:    If you’re looking for a lovely beach to get away to, Birch Bay State Park is an excellent, quiet option. The park is known for its peaceful and serene atmosphere. The park is usually not crowded, which allows for a very private feel. Here you can enjoy a nice walk along the beach, enjoy water activities in the warm water, camping, and other activities. There is so much to do here and lots to explore. One of Washington’s most beautiful ... read more


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