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Authorized Independent Subaru Emissions Specialist Now Available in Seattle and Marysville.

Authorized Subaru Emissions Specialist in Seattle!

Suburb Service is pleased to announce that an Authorized Emissions Specialist is now available at both our Seattle location. If your Subaru has recently failed an emissions test, our Certified Retail Gasoline Specialists are ready to assist you with your repair needs, and get you back out on the road fast.

Repairs can be Costly. Protect Your Investment by Using a State Authorized Emissions Specialist.

Finding out that your car hasn't passed inspection can be a frustrating experience, and an unexpected expense, not to mention the inconvenience. In these difficult economic times, it might seem hard not to put off essential vehicle maintenance.

To keep your car running as cleanly as possible, the Puget Sound Clean Air agency recommends regular maintenance, including frequent oil and filter changes. If you have deferred maintenance for too long and your car has failed an emissions test, bring us the printout from the emissions testing station and we'll take it from there.

In the long run, repairs may actually save you money; when you bring your Subaru to Suburb Service Independent Subaru Service Emissions Specialist, you may find that it not only runs better, but also uses less gas, actually saving your money in the long run.

Excessive vehicle emissions don't just cause unsightly smog, they also pose a health risk to asthmatics, infants, children, and the elderly... basically, they aren't good for anyone and it also increases your carbon foot print.

If your car has failed an emissions test, we can help you stop contributing to poor air quality. We'll run your car through a thorough battery of tests to identify the problem, and take every available step to ensure that when it leaves our shop, it no longer poses an unnecessary threat to our beautiful Northwest environment.

Why take the risk that your vehicle won't pass a retest? Protect your investment. Take your Subaru to an emissions professional at Suburb Service, where we know Subaru's, inside and out. All we do is Subaru!!

Call us today for an appointment; of course we always have free service loaners for your convenience.