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Autumn Lookouts

Photo by Kevin Solbrig on Unsplash


With Autumn quickly moving in on the West Coast, we're starting to settle into a routine that begins each fall in Lake Forest Park. For many of us, it is born out of values we learned growing up. The Holidays are coming, and many of us still feel the implied threat of "better watch out"! We hunker down and focus on our work.


Instead of ensuring we get the toy we want, our rewards run deeper as adults. We're getting ahead so that the holidays don't get us behind. We're making preparations for our kids (or fur babies). We're making some slack for ourselves, so we can have a peaceful transition to winter.


October is just the beginning of this cycle. But it's a good place to wake ourselves from the process and remember that there's plenty to get ahead on besides our work and have some awareness for the season.


Autumn leaves can be deadly. Falling leaves are beautiful! But falling leaves plus slick Northwestern rains create a natural banana peel for our Subarus. Be mindful of that when you drive.


Halloween is only a month away now. If you must drive somewhere on the 31st, please remember that the prospect of free sugar clouds children's minds! They will dash into the street as they travel house-to-house in their trick-or-treating rituals and barely notice your Subaru as it approaches. Your car's braking system is essential for a safe Halloween, so if you're hearing a squeal, or feeling some slippage, don't wait-- bring your Subaru in and let us check it out.


Winterize your car before the holidays hit. If you're driving in areas with snow, it's time to plan when you will winterize your vehicle. Please don't wait until everyone tries to get it done one week before a Thanksgiving trip to Grandmother's or a Christmas trip to sled in the mountains.

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