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Best Song Playlist For Holiday Travel

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash


Are you traveling for the Holidays? Whether you’re heading to a new vacation destination or just heading to your family’s home base for the holiday events, a good playlist is a necessary part of your drive. Kids will cling to their technology, but a good song can help break the monotony of a long drive, especially on rural roads.


That’s why we’re giving you a playlist of some of our favorite holiday travel songs. Not all are Christmas-themed -- in fact, we snuck in Hanukkah and Kwanzaa favorites -- and some are just universally good for travel. Most of these are available on Spotify; if you stream music there!


  • Driving Home for Christmas - Chris Rea

  • Perfect - Ed Sheeran

  • River -- Joni Mitchell

  • Quiet Backdrop for Holiday Time - Night Time Jazz Moods

  • Everybody Wants to Rule The World - Tears For Fears

  • Skating - Vince Guaraldi Trio

  • Dreidel Dreidel - Meshugga Beach Party

  • This Christmas - Donny Hathaway

  • Somewhere In My Memory (theme from HOME ALONE) - John Williams and the Boston Pops

  • The Christmas Waltz - The Carpenters

  • Make it Home - Juliana Hatfield and W.G. Snuffy Walden

  • Merry Christmas from the Family - Jill Sobule

  • Christmas Time Is Here - Vince Guaraldi Trio

  • A Kissed-Out Red Floatboat - Cocteau Twins

  • This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) - Natalie Cole

  • Better Days - The Goo Goo Dolls

  • Venid Adoremos - Andrea Bocelli

  • Winter Things - Ariana Grande

  • Happy Kwanzaa - Teddy Pendergrass

  • Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ the Boat - Stubby Kaye

  • Christmas Wrapping - The Waitresses

  • December Song (I Dreamed of Christmas) - George Michael

  • 2000 Miles - The Pretenders

  • Ain’t No Mountain High Enough - Marvin Gaye

  • Jingle Bell Rock - Bobby Helms

  • Home - Michael Bublé

  • A Shepherd’s Carol - Bob Chillcott and the Choir of King’s College

  • What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve? - Ella Fitzgerald

  • Same Old Lang Syne - Dan Fogelberg


Get ready to turn on the tunes this season. Stay safe out there, and make sure you and your family have a great time creating new memories on the road; together!


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