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Big News From Suburb Service

Dear Friends and Family,

When Suburb Service’s owner Candy Johns passed away a few short months ago, so very many of you responded with warmth and kindness, and let us know how loved Candy was in the North Seattle community that her shop served. We are forever grateful for the love and care you showed all of us here at Suburb Service, especially to Howard Musolf, her husband. We understand that there may be some anxiety over what her passing wil mean to our shop.

There are some ventures that are too specific to a person to continue when they pass. A business can often be like that. Suburb Service, however, is not that kind of business. For almost all of our years, we’ve been a woman-owned business in a largely-male industry. We’ve always been forward-thinking, from the moment Howard began it, to the day he gave it fully to Candy, and in the years she made such a remarkable difference to North Seattle. We continue to be forward-thinking to this day. 

Candy was a planner, a preparer, and most importantly, a doer. She didn’t plan to live or work forever; just to do the best she could with the time that was available to her. She wanted someone to take over the management of the store and to do it her way. She spent a decade prepping someone to have the skills, knowledge, personality and love to succeed her some day.

Not long after Candy was laid to rest, it was decided by Howard and Debbie Christner, Candy’s Manager for the shop, that she would begin the process to buy the shop from Howard. It was a natural fit, as Debbie was tried, tested, and groomed to be Suburb Service’s leader and has been it’s office-running manager for some time, and has been like a daughter to Candy and Howard over the years.

While no one person could ever truly replace the gap that Candy left in our community and in our hearts, Suburb Service will continue on in Candy’s memory, with the motto, “What Would Candy Do?” guiding the choices we make. Our policies will remain very much the same, except where safety and the march of time determine we must.

We hope you will continue to rely upon Suburb Service for independent Subaru repair for generations to come. If you’re in need of repairs of scheduled maintenance, please schedule your appointment and let us ease your mind and ours. We’re located at 15017 Bothell Way NE, Lake Forest Park, WA 98155. We’re open Monday to Friday, 7 AM to 4 PM. All We Do Is Subaru!