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Check Out Your A/C Now!

Photo by Daniel Baird on Unsplash

As the Spring begins to turn to summer, it’s a good time to consider if your Subaru’s air conditioning is working properly. Is it?


The Air Conditioning is not considered by many to be that important to the operation of your vehicle, because almost all Subarus run their Air Conditioning separate from their coolant system. But don't forget that the ac works with the defrost to keep the windows clear from steaming up. As Spring turns to Summer, this is the right time to act, before others need to-- especially during a period of supply chain woes.


To many, when money’s tight, it’s more of an inconvenience than a serious problem. You might be able to make it through the summer without A/C. But why put yourself, your passengers, and your car through that? 


A car without A/C in the hottest days of summer is not only hard on a body, it’s hard on the interior of your Subaru. It can cause damage that can cause other damage (rot, mildew). Unchecked problems in most cars begin to multiply, so when you are blessed with the knowledge that a system isn’t working right, do the smart thing and act early to protect it! 


The wise thing is just get the A/C checked out when you suspect there’s a problem. Symptoms of a damaged A/C include a bad smell, and of course, no cool air when you need it. Remember that the A/C is part of a larger system, and letting such a system continue to operate when it isn’t working is a recipe for damaging that system beyond repair.

If you’re having issues with your air conditioning, don’t wait, and don’t put it off. Please make an appointment with us for anything your Subaru needs. And remember to “Like” our Facebook page for the latest news! Suburb Service is located at 15017 Bothell Way NE, Lake Forest Park, WA 98155. We’re open Monday to Friday, 7 AM to 4 PM. All We Do Is Subaru!