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Does Everyone in Seattle Drive a Subaru?

If you've spent any time in the Pacific Northwest, especially Washington, you may be wondering if you're hallucinating or if there truly are Subaru's everywhere you look. You know when you buy a car and suddenly you see that same model everywhere? But it's not that the car suddenly became more popular, it's just that you're more aware since your purchase. Well, that's not what's happening here. There really are Subaru's everywhere.

No, not every single vehicle is a Subaru (which is beyond us, who wouldn't want one?). However, every 1 in 10 car owners in the Seattle-Bellevue-Everett area owns a Subaru! This is 3x more than any other state. In fact, the top two concentrated metropolitan areas with the most Subaru's belong to our wonderful Washington State. Spokane took first place, with Seattle as second.

Why are Subaru's so beloved to us Pacific Northwesterners? What makes them so special? Well, besides the obvious fact that they are the best (not that we are biased), we came up with a few plausible, practical reasons for the popularity.

All Wheel Drive - Washington has the full spectrum of weather. However, we are known for our rain, which can make roads slick and unpredictable. Because Subaru's are all wheel drive, they bring extra safety to our Seattle lives.

Outdoor Living - Most people move to the Pacific Northwest with the intention of getting outdoors a lot more. Living in such an active state since we have everything from mountains to beaches, the Subaru is the perfect fit for the lifestyle. Weather you're hauling equipment or need the extra oomph while finding your campground - our favorite vehicle makes it easier to get around for hiking, kayaking, skiing - you name it.

Fits Our Persona - Let's be honest - we like to do things a little differently in Washington. We are typically free thinkers, don't follow the crowds, and not into the average hype. Subaru's are a perfect choice because they offer 4×4 driving and the extra outdoor support we need, without guzzling gas or being too flashy for our earth conservative mindset.

When you think of the Pacific Northwest, Subaru's just fit. They seem to be made for us. So, no, you're not hallucinating. Even though we may not be as mainstream crazed as some states, we are the one state that makes Subaru more mainstream than ever.

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