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Exercises You Can Do In Your Car

We know you love those long road trips, getting you to your next beautiful destination to explore in the Pacific Northwest. We also know the reality of city traffic, even in Seattle, where you're just aching to get out of your car and on with your day.

But sometimes, regardless of the distance, you have to bear down and stay positive while you get closer to being able to step outside and stretch your legs. If you find yourself behind the wheel a lot, we have several exercise suggestions that are safe to perform, good for your body, and will also help pass the time by creating a way to be productive while comforting those pesky body aches.

Here are some safe and easy exercises you can do in your car

Neck Exercises

Turn your neck to one side, hold for five seconds, repeat on the other side. Do this 3-4 times to build rotation flexibility.

While sitting straight, look forward, and tilt your head to one side with your ear towards your shoulder. Hold this for five seconds, and repeat on other side. Continue for 3-4 rounds, lengthening the each side of your neck, into your shoulders.

While sitting straight, look forward, lower your chin down towards your chest. Hold here, lengthening the back of your neck, for five seconds. Lift your chin towards the ceiling, hold here, lengthening along your throat for five seconds. Continue as needed.

Shoulder Exercises

Raise both shoulders to your ears, squeeze here for five seconds and then release. Repeat ten times.
Roll shoulders forward and back, in a circular motion, drawing five full circles before changing to the opposite direction.

Chest Exercises

Sit tall with your palms on either side of the steering wheel. Press both palms towards center, contracting your chest muscles. Hold the contraction for 5-10 seconds, repeat 5-10 times or until muscle fatigue.

Lower Body Exercises

Abdominal: While sitting up, pull your belly button to your spine and hold for two breaths. Slowly release with control. Repeat five times.

Glutes: Squeeze one glute for five seconds, release, repeat on other side. Do four sets. Then, squeeze both glutes at the same time, hold for five seconds, repeat four times.

Inner Thighs: Place a water bottle, towel, etc, between your knees. Squeeze both knees together, holding the tension for five seconds. Slowly release, but not enough to drop the object. Repeat five times.

These small movements are to help you build and remain in a posture that will serve you even when you need to sit often, by working on the core areas that help support your spine. For long drives, give yourself physical breaks to get out of your Subaru, stretch, and take a brisk walk.

You keep your body tuned up while we tune up your Subaru. Click here to schedule an appointment at Suburb Service, or call (206) 705-8695 to reach our Seattle location. Show your Subaru some love.