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How to Clean Germs From Your Car

Are you a germaphobe? Have a germaphobe ride in your car quite often? You're going to find yourself cleaning all the time. Cars are breeding grounds for all sorts of microorganisms. Beyond vacuuming the floorboards and cleaning our your trash, you might be wondering how to best clean your car to make it perfect for the germaphobe in your life. Here's an easy how-to guide for how to clean germs from your car.

What Kinds of Germs Breed In Your Car?

Germs of all kinds live on the steering wheel, keys, seats, and console. Whatever you touch when you drive or ride in your car is likely a place with germs present. But, what kind of germs should you be worried about?

Cold & Flu Viruses

Cold and flu viruses are the worst for living in your vehicle. Typically, cold and flu germs can survive on hard surfaces for 24 hours-so always keep your vehicle clean when you have a sniffle to avoid passing it along!

Stomach Bugs

Stomach viruses are another heavy hitter when it comes to germs that love to live in your car. Unlike cold and flu viruses which only last about a day in the car, the noroviruses can live on surfaces for up to two weeks.


Allergens exist in your car like no other. From pollen blowing in from the spring blooms to dust mites hitching a ride on your back, common allergens can build up quickly in your Subaru.

How to Clean Germs From Your Car

Clean the steering wheel

You touch the steering wheel every time you get into the car to drive-it's probably the most germy part of your car. Wipe it down with a disinfectant to help clear flu viruses, stomach bugs, and extra dust.

Wipe off all door handles

Use a disinfectant wipe to clean all of the surfaces in the car that are regularly touched. Wipe down door handles, any gear shifts, and the radio buttons.

Vacuum floorboards

Remove all trash and vacuum the floorboards, too. Having a car that's clean of trash also help you help eradicate germs that might be living on food wraps or leftover cups. Vacuuming will get rid of excess dust that could flare up allergies.

Replace cabin filters and have AC cleaned

Your car's air quality is so important. Good air quality will help you breathe easier and not trigger any underlying allergies. In order to maintain good in-car air quality, you'll need to replace cabin filters or have your AC cleaned periodically. Refer to your manufacturer's recommendations.

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