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How to Get Your Car Ready for Spring

Car owners have a multitude of responsibilities, especially as the seasons change. After dealing with months of snow, ice, road salt, and cold temperatures, you'll need to get your car up to speed and ready for warm, sunny weather. Here are 6 ways to get your car ready for spring weather and long summer drives.

6 Ways to Get Your Car Ready for a Seattle Spring

1. Wash your vehicle.

Winter doesn't give you many nice days to wash down your vehicle. Even a drive-through car wash can feel like a chore when you're trudging through a cold winter day. As the days change to give you brighter afternoons and warmer weather, take time to wash your car. Don't forget to clean off the underbody, too, as road salt can take a toll and leave you with rust.

2. Invest in new wiper blades.

Spring brings brighter days, but it also brings quite a bit of rain for the Seattle area. Invest in new wiper blades to prepare your car to tackle any rain storm. Replacing them now will help you avoid the annoying squeak of worn out wipers and keep you from leaving streaks on the windshield. If you've ever been stuck in an April downpour, you'll take heed to this advice.

3. Top off all fluids.

Windshield wiper fluid, among others, can deplete quickly during the colder months of the year. Before spring presents itself, check on and top off all of the car's essential fluids if needed.

4. Get a proper oil change.

In addition to other fluids, it's recommended to change your oil, brake fluid, and transmission fluid every 5,000 miles or at the instruction of your owner's manual. Your car demands more from its oil and transmission fluids in the winter than any other season, so having a proper car inspection and oil change can help you replenish vital fluids and alert you to any issues before they become costly problems.

5. Check your tires.

Tires, like every other part of your Subaru, take a beating in the winter. Check your tire pressure to make sure you're at an appropriate amount for your vehicle. Perform the penny test to ensure your tire tread is still safe to drive on; if all of Lincoln's head is visible above your tread, it might be time for tire replacement. You can read more about the Penny and Quarter Tire Test here.