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How To Tie Your Christmas Tree To The Roof Of Your Car (With ZERO Damage)

Ho Ho Ho! Hold up, is it really nearing Christmas time? Do you want to know how to tie your Christmas Tree to the roof of your car without damaging your beloved? We've got you (and your subaru) covered.

Celebrating Christmas in the Pacific Northwest has it's own special, beautiful qualities. The great outdoors, the snow, the pine trees, the scenery unmatched. This time of year gives you those unique moments with your loved ones that may be harder to find at any other time.

Traditions packed into a few short weeks, such as baking cookies, giving a helping hand to a charity, and decorating the Christmas tree. However, challenges are also along the way - particularly with the tree.

Before you figure out how to put it in it's stand without falling over, trim the branches, and string the actually need to get the huge plant home, safely, with as little damage as possible.

We would hate to see you hurt your beloved Subaru, so here are a few tips on...

How To Tie (and drive with) Your Christmas Tree To The Roof Of Your Car

Measure the tree

You're at the Christmas tree lot, walking around, analyzing each tree to find the perfect fit for your home. Not only do you want to be sure to know the measurements of your indoor space, you also want to know the measurements of your vehicle roof.

While choosing your tree, be sure measure the tree before you make your final choice. This way, you won't struggle to secure the tree to your Subaru Sleigh, only to realize it's much too big for you to safely transport to your living room without the risk of hurting your windows, view, and safety of other drivers.

Use a blanket or tarp

You and your loved ones selected the perfect tree, now what? Normally, if you go to a lot, they will help you roll the tree up into a net to restrict the branches and make the tree easier to carry.

This is GREAT! However, to ensure even less damage or danger while driving, add a blanket or tarp on top of the net. Wrap that tree up like a burrito before hefting it onto the top of your Subaru to ensure any sharp edges, branches, or even netting will be secured from scratching your paint.

Direction matters!

Make sure you position the tree in the right direction for your trip. You want the tree to compliment aerodynamics, which means the base of the tree needs to be towards the front of the vehicle for the wind factor, which also compliments the natural bend of the branches.

Position the base at the start of your roof above your windshield, in the center of the roof. The rest of the tree will narrow down as it heads towards the back, giving you the best security against the elements as you drive.

Rope her tight

Lets not forget the most important part - securing the tree! Otherwise you will drive away, but your tree will not. Most places provide rope and help you secure to the top of your vehicle, but just in case it's always good to bring some extra rope.

Begin by tying the rope onto one of the roof racks, and throw the other end over the tree to the other side of the vehicle. Wrap the rope a few times around the base a few times to prevent the tree from sliding around when stopping (or creating havoc on the driver behind you).

Once the base is secured, move up to the middle of the tree using a Slip Loop Knot to secure the middle and create a loop that will assist you in securing the rest of your Christmas tree. From here you can pull the rope down to the hitch of your Subaru, tying the entire thing down tightly to the back of the vehicle.

Add additional loops and crossovers, connecting the ropes and giving added support. If you don't know how to tie knots, now is a great time to learn. Doing this correctly can help prevent some serious accidents.

Now that your tree is tied down and completely covered to prevent damage, you're ready for your journey home. Whether you're driving back to Seattle, Canyon Park, or Mountlake Terrace, remember to drive slowly and with awareness.

If you feel anything is moving around on the roof, pull over and check it out. Once you arrive home, cut off the rope, slide the tree down, carry inside, unwrap, put on some Christmas carols, and enjoy!

If you have any concerns about your Subaru, we want to help you get squared away before the weather changes. We have many more tips, and would love to help you prepare so you can fully enjoy the season without crisis. Click here to schedule an appointment at Suburb Service, or call (206) 705-8695 to reach our Seattle location.