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It’s Not a Myth: Certain Colors and Makes Get Pulled Over More Often

No, it's not a myth. It's not a fable your mother told you at sixteen to keep you from speeding. Cars of certain make and color definitely get pulled over by the police more often. Here's why.

What Do Police Look for On the Road?

When looking to give out tickets, police are obviously keeping an eye out for drivers that are breaking the rules of the road-i.e. speeding, texting and driving, or driving under the influence. Still, certain colors can catch the eye of an officer and some makes can lend officers to believe you might speed. Why is that? Let's break it down by color and make.

What Car Colors Get Pulled Over Most Often?

Everyone says that red cars should be avoided because they're flashy. You've likely heard paranoia about high insurance rates on red vehicles, no? While it might appear that red cars would be easier to pick out in traffic, they are not the car that gets pulled over the most. According to Snopes fact checkers, gray cars are actually the ones that get pulled over most often. Red does come in second.

What Car Makes Get Pulled Over Most Often?

Forget color. If the police make snap judgements on the road, the make of your car is more likely why you'll be pulled over. Sports cars and those with seemingly fast engines are more likely to be pulled over than family-friendly sedans. We could chalk this up to age difference and experience. Younger drivers do tend to drive younger-looking cars; while older, more experienced drivers tend to lean towards fuel-efficient, economical SUVs, minivans, and sedans. These cars are least likely to get pulled over by police.

Should I Worry About the Make and Color of my Car?

Absolutely not. While it's not entirely a myth that police pull over certain colors and makes more than others, it's more about the behavior of the driver than anything else. Certain behaviors are more likely to get pulled over, regardless of what color car or make you happen to drive. Our best advice? Drive safely at all times-no matter what car you drive. Don't talk on the phone, text, or drive with distractions. Always signal for lane changes and keep your car in good shape-i.e. an up-to-date license plate and working taillights.

In conclusion, it's the driver that gets the tickets, not the car. You can choose whatever car you want. As long as you're driving safely, it won't change your insurance costs and you shouldn't feel like a ticket magnet.

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