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Love (Subaru)Love (Subaru) And Why The Subaru Community Is Easy To Love

Photo by Sonny Mauricio on Unsplash

Love (Subaru) And Why The Subaru Community Is Easy To Love

Subaru subculture is unlike anything else out there. Those who have experienced the incredible performance and culture around our vehicles know what I mean. We are a unique community of meme-makers and half-wavers, and wow, look at that one! drivers. 


As February is the month of love, I wanted to show some love to this Subaru community that keeps our business whole here at Suburb Service in Lake Forest Park, Washington. In the blog below, I’ll highlight some Subaru history and share my favorite aspects of the iconic Subaru Love Promise campaign! 

Discover the Allure of Subaru

Subaru is a car brand that has been beloved by car enthusiasts for decades. Known for its reliability, versatility, and style, Subaru has become a mainstay on roads across the nation. Though the superior performance of their vehicles is part of the reason these cars are so well-loved, there’s more to it. Subaru’s a part of a unique subculture of enthusiasts who like to participate in the following:


Memes. Ever need a laugh? There’s nothing better than connecting with others through laughter! Subaru drivers post relatable memes on social media and always have us buckled over laughing.


Meet-ups. Subaru meet-ups happen all the time here in Lake Forest Park and throughout the US. We love that drivers can appreciate their vehicles in a community setting.


Memories. Even without the more prominent community aspects, whose Subaru hasn’t given them some incredible memories? Outdoor enthusiasts and car lovers alike can agree that their Subaru has allowed them to adventure outside their comfort zone. 


This is one of the things that makes Subaru so unique: the people who drive them! 


Trust Suburb Service for Support: Loving Subaru in Lake Forest Park, WA

The Subaru Love Promise campaign has three main aspects: Subaru Loves The Earth, Subaru Loves To Care, and Subaru Loves To Help.Here at Suburb Service, we mirror these virtues in our work. 


In the community, we involve ourselves in various community outreach projects stretching From Lake Forest Park to Shoreline, Bothell, Kenmore, North Seattle, and other surrounding areas. We love to support this community that supports us–so if you have any inquiries, just ask! 


For the Earth, we offer hybrid vehicle repair services and are conscious of our impact on the planet. 


And we love to help! Ever had a problem with your vehicle? Need our support? We’d love nothing more than to be there for you! Our expert mechanics are reachable in person and over the phone to help keep you safe on the road. 


This promise is something all of us can embody more in 2023! 


Suburb Service: Keeping Your Subaru in Top Condition

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