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Our Favorite Car Hacks

Who doesn't love hearing convenient life hacks that make an everyday problem so much simpler or affordable? Similarly, car hacks can be time, effort, and money savers for the average person who needs that quick solution. With so many creative ideas out there, we sorted through and chose:

Our top 5 car hacks to help you and your Subaru

Drop Strip

You hurriedly get into the car, rushing to leave for your next destination, when you accidentally drop your keys, phone, or credit card down into that space between your middle console and your seat, which might as well be oblivion. Cramming your hand, wiggling your fingers, reaching for whatever you can grab in hopes of hoisting the item back to the surface. Not to mention all the forgotten pennies and crumbs that seem to endlessly collect, and you hope no one notices. Thankfully, someone ingenuously invented the drop strip! Now you can purchase a small strip specifically made for that space, blocking anything from accidentally entering. Why have we been waiting so long for this?

Grocery Bags in Kleenex Box

No matter how clean you are, we all run into moments wishing there was a trash bag in the car. Instead of scrounging around to find something that'll work, stuff an empty Kleenex box with plastic grocery bags. Easy storage, access, and always there when needed - we love this idea!

Hand Sanitizer For Icy Doors

Surprisingly, not just for your cleanliness! Keep hand sanitizer around for those cold winter days when you walk out to your Subaru to discover the weather froze your door handle to the point that you can no longer open the door. Don't run for hot water (will also crack your windows), instead, apply hand sanitizer to the door handle and watch the ice dissolve!

Shoe Organizer

Attention parents! Tired of looking to the back seat and wondering where your kid is going to sit? Or crossing your fingers hoping that there aren't 5 different things spilled all over the floor? Try hanging a shoe organizer on the back of the driver or passenger front seat. This will provide little cubby spaces for all your kid's toys, snacks, and knick knacks that they want to bring along. Even if they aren't completely organized in specific spots, they will at least be off the floor and cleared from the seats.

We hope this provided from simple information for you to take a few shortcuts! For everything else, let us help! Click here to schedule an appointment at Suburb Service, or call (206) 705-8695 to reach our Seattle location.