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Our Gratitude

Image by Kati from Pixabay

Thank You.

In America, this month is all about Gratitude. Just as the first Thanksgiving was about appreciating a long journey to freedom and the people who came to share with us, November is a time for reflecting back on the year and showing gratitude for the people who helped us on our journey through life. 


The past two years have been great for our Subaru shop. We’ve had wonderful adventures in auto repair. We’ve had a remarkable experience looking after our loyal customers and our new friends, too. We’re looking ahead to an amazing 2023, and considering how to grow ourselves over the next decade without losing the important things we love most about Suburb Service.


That’s not to say there haven’t been bad days or bad times here. COVID-19 presented us with challenges, but we pulled it together and kept the garage (and many Subarus) running through the pandemic. And, of course, we began this two-year period grieving and feeling loss in our shop.


We’re beginning our third year without our previous owner and operator, Candy Johns, who was such a presence in this shop for such a long time. The impact she had on this corner of Washington is still being felt, and customers still express their feelings of loss to us sometimes when she doesn’t turn up smiling. But, rest assured, she’s always in our minds and hearts. 


Over these two years, you’ve given our owner and manager Debra Christner your trust as she took over the business from Candy, who mentored Deb for years. You’ve been respectful of our team and allowed them to serve you in sometimes difficult circumstances. You’ve shown a fierce loyalty to our shop that’s been reflected in our reviews. We can’t thank you enough for your kindness, your trust, and your enthusiasm for all things Subaru. We want to sincerely thank you for being a part of our life story in Lake Forest Park

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