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Question for Subaru Owners?

I have a question for all you Subaru owners.

First, according to the US Government, your Subaru may be the second largest monetary expenditure beside your home.

My question is why would you trust your Subaru to someone that will work on any car and not truly know and understand or specialize in servicing your Subaru?

Suburb Service the northwest's most experienced Independent Subaru Repair center has specialized in Subaru for over 20 years. We already know what you are going to pay the other guys to learn on your $$$'s. Suburb Service has been there, done that, and can solve your Subaru service problems quicker, far less expensive and far more efficiently than the national chains, the import specialists, and the general repair shops. It goes without saying our overhead is far less than the Subaru dealer, so we beat them as well. Here's another tip, Suburb Service uses genuine Subaru parts that are engineered especially for your Subaru, such as Genuine Subaru Long Life Coolant and Subaru Transmission Fluid, this means a better quality repair or service for your Subaru, longer life and protection for your Subaru investment.

Most of the Johnny come lately's couldn't spell Subaru last week, and who knows how long they will try to fix Subaru's? They call us all the time asking for information and help or trying to borrow our huge selection of genuine factory tools. Where will they have gone when you need additional service or heaven forbid, warranty on their work.

You can count on Suburb Service today, tomorrow and the years to come, we love Subaru's and it shows in our dedication to our loyal customers and our commitment to properly service your Subaru.