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The Dogs of Subaru

Photo by Halie West on Unsplash

We thought we’d take this month to have a fun look back at Subaru’s relationship with dogs in their commercials. 

From the early offerings of dogs driving around town, to the Barkley family (Subaru’s official mascot family), to the more emotional and poignant commercials involving humans and our lives with dogs, Subaru is very clearly a dog-loving brand. They’ve even invented a Dog Mode that allows your Subaru to run the A/C with the doors locked while you’re running errands, to keep your pets cool and happy!

Here’s a curated guide to our favorite Subaru commercials featuring dogs!

Welcome to the Pack - this sweet commercial features a dog at odds with his owner’s new boyfriend.



Great Adventures are Still Out There - a sweet short about a woman envisioning herself, her boyfriend, and her dog riding the rails.



Dream Weekend - if you read the subtext in this commercial, you might just find a tear in your eye by the end.



Old Friend - a dog’s love for his older neighbor is a nice parallel for a young woman loving her Subaru as the years go on.



Jackknife - Before The Barkleys, there was a very eclectic mix of dogs. Here they are trying to work out how to reverse their boat into the water.



Camping - part two of the boating trip featured in Jackknife!



The Beach - the camping trip has moved to the coast!



Ski Trip - Now they’re off to the slopes!



Lunch Stop - here’s a family outing for the Barkleys!



Honk - Awwww, here’s a classic road trip game!



Car Wash - The Barkleys come to realize why dogs can’t run a good car wash!



...and these!- A big collection of the Barkleys out and about!


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