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The Top 7 Things Every Subaru Driver Should Know

Photo by Toby Parsons on Pixabay


November has arrived. It’s a great month for hopping into your Subaru and seeing the great outdoors! Washington’s lovely as the leaves turn, and we hope you are getting out and enjoying the scenery as much as you can this month.


As a Subaru owner or a potential Subaru owner, there’s so much to acclimate yourself to the brand as you get one. One of the first things you’ll encounter is how loyal the love for Subaru is among Subaru owners. The second will be that Subarus and dogs seem always to go together. 


As a new or potential owner, there are a few things that you should know about your vehicle and the brand in general-- here’s a quick cheat sheet of the highlights:


All Wheel Drive: Subaru is the only car brand with symmetrical all-wheel drive, allowing for better balance, control, and traction.


Safety: Subaru is considered one of the safest car brands on the market.


Dog Friendly: Subaru strives to provide cars that dogs love and continually makes lists for the most dog-friendly vehicles. Their latest models even have a ‘Dog Mode’ for leaving a dog comfortably in a car with Air Conditioning.


Beloved: Subaru was named Best Over Brand, Most Trusted Brand, and Best Resale Value in the 2016 Kelley Blue Book. 


Logo: Subaru’s six stars in the Subaru logo represents the Taurus constellation called the Pleiades, or “Seven Sisters.” The stars represent both the past and present of Subaru: Subaru was founded by merging five companies.


Boxer Engine: Subaru engines have a flat layout that allows the power from the engine to flow directly into the transmission. Boxer engines are also completely removable from their chassis, allowing better access to the engine for the technician.


Built to last: 96 percent of the Subarus built within the last 12 years are still running.

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