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Top 5 Signs You Are a Subaru Enthusiast

Photo by jtaevans on Pixabay

How much do you love Subaru? When you reflect on it, how deep is your love for the brand? When you hear an I Love You, does your mind go immediately to your Subaru? Do you wish you could buy Subaru bedsheets (you can) and drink from a Subaru mug (you can)?

Take a look at the top 5 signs that you are a Subaru enthusiast and see if you qualify!

1. You call yourself a Subie. It’s an unofficial nickname for Subaru enthusiasts, an actual trademark of the top fans. And you connect with other people the moment you hear them say they’re Subies, too.

2. You can cite the virtues of your Subaru by heart. You are quick to rattle off every feature you love about your Subaru: the all-wheel drive, the safety features, the beautiful frame, the efficiency, the boxer engine, etc.

3. You act distracted when someone cites the flaws. Hey, no one can tell you there’s something wrong with your Subie, even when it’s something your mechanic agrees is a bit of a design flaw. “Is that a train whistle in the distance? I can’t hear you.”

4. You love Autumn. Not because of sweater weather or beautiful colors, but because that’s when Subaru announces the new line of Subarus. Of course, none of these more recent models are as special as yours. But in the right situation, they could be!

5. Subaru Love isn’t just a slogan to you. Loving your Subaru is a deep component of your personal philosophy. You ARE Subaru, in some ways.

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