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What do I do if I put Diesel in my Car Gas Tank?

So, you did it. You made the mistake you thought was never possible. The mistake you used to look at others in shock wondering "how in the world does someone do that?" But now, as you stare at the gas pump with eyes wide open, panic begins to creep in as you realize you accidentally filled your tank with diesel.

Somehow overlooking the different color handle, different pump size, different smell, and different location on the pump - okay, so you had a complete brain dead moment - you managed to do the unthinkable to your Subaru.

Don't waste time wallowing, what's done is done! Instead, take a deep breath, remind yourself that everyone makes mistakes, and recall our instructions.

What do I do if I put diesel in my car gas tank? 4 things...

#1 The Most Important Thing to Do Is NOTHING

Once you realize your mistake, do not drive your Subaru. Don't even turn your car on! At this point, the damage is not permanent. However, if you turn on your vehicle, or even worse, try to're most likely causing irreversible damage that would cost major moola to fix.

#2 Call Your Mechanic (AKA, us) and Still Do NOTHING

We repeat, do not try to turn on your car. Do not drive to the mechanic. If you accidentally turn on your car before you realize what you did, turn it off right away. The less diesel that runs through your Subaru's system, the better.

#3 Have Your Car Towed

Make sure you tell the tow company what happened, so that they do not try to turn on your Subaru for any reason. They will instantly understand, and may smack their foreheads, but will definitely feel your pain.

#4 Leave the Rest to Us (Your Mechanic)

Once your Subaru makes it over to our shop, we will handle the rest. We will do our best to drain the diesel from your car, and depending on if the car was ever turned on, salvage everything we can from possible damage. Your absolute best chance at saving your Subaru is attending to it ASAP when you realize the mistake. If you happen to not notice and begin to drive, chances will need a new ride.

What's the lesson? Stay present and aware at the gas pump! No one needs to suffer these consequences. However, if this were to happen to you...we will do everything we can to save the day. But we can't promise we won't laugh (and cry) with you over this debacle. We mean...come on. Let's not let this happen.

Just in case, put us in your speed dial. Click here to schedule an appointment at Suburb Service, or call (206) 705-8695 to reach our Seattle location.