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What Is Subaru Eyesight and Which Models Have It?

Do you ever wish you had an extra set of eyes when driving? You're in heavy traffic and need to change lanes, yet no matter how many times you look for a clear space to move into, you can't help but feel a nagging fear of "what about my blind spot?" Or you're driving with your kids in the car, when they begin fighting in the back seat, causing you to intervene and be a *tad* distracted, leading to a minor fender bender. If only there could be two drivers!

So, what Is Subaru Eyesight and Which Models Have It?

Subaru's are created for adventure. They are taken to the extreme elements - traveling through Washington on trails through mountains, and by the seaside. They carry you on road trips all around the Pacific Northwest. Because of this heightened sense of adventure and all around concern for safety for you and your family, Subaru introduced Subaru EyeSight to help with those tough spots while driving.

Available in select models (Subaru EyeSight is available for the Subaru Crosstrek, Forester, Impreza, Legacy, Outback, and WRX models.), Subaru Eyesight is a Driver Assist Technology that monitors traffic movement, optimizes cruise control, and warns you if you sway outside your lane.

The kids are fighting again? Subaru's got you. The Pre-Collision Braking feature has the ability to apply full braking force in emergency situations to help you avoid or reduce any frontal impacts.

How does Subaru EyeSight work?

The main part of the EyeSight System consists of two color cameras that intelligently and unobtrusively scan the road for unanticipated dangers. These cameras are placed near the rearview mirror without obstructing your driving view, yet act as a second pair of eyes to detect objects in front of you that you are likely to hit if you are not paying attention.

EyeSights Adaptive Cruise Control works similar to regular cruise control in the sense that you can set your speed and maintain that speed automatically. However, it's rare that you can stay on that cruise control setting for very long without changing the speed, unless you are on a long stretch of open road.

When that is not the case, the EyeSight Adaptive Cruise Control will actually adapt your speed by adapting to the car in front of you. It cleverly measures your following distance, and if the car in front of you slows down, your cruise control will slow down as well - even to the point of stopping.

In addition, EyeSight includes a Lane Keep Assist and Sway Warning which alert you if you begin drifting outside of your lane, or if you begin swerving from side to side - a major protection when you are drowsy. This alert will be a warning sound that will draw your attention back on the road.

While Subaru Eyesight will not do your driving for you, it's incredibly valuable to have while you drive. The extra safety will give you peace of mind while you explore and travel around our beautiful state.

It is critical to know, the windshield in your car is a integral design of the safety features in this car. Should you need a new windshield, please only use a location that installs factory approved glass. After that installation is complete you will need to make an appointment with the dealer to have the Eyesight re calibrated. This is critical. It is also very important not to let little fingers touch the lens of the cameras as it will damage them.