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What the 2022 Subarus are All About

Photo by Jakob Rosen on Unsplash


Have you seen the new Subarus? When the 2022s arrived, were you excited to see what new features they possess? Do you make plans to trade your Subaru in for a newer model each year?


We’d be astonished to hear anyone say Yes to those questions. In our experience, Subaru lovers tend to stick with their own model for a long time. Love is a feature that comes built into every Subaru, and loyalty seems to be a feature built into every Subie. 


Because of their loyalty, there isn’t much trading up for new vehicles among Subaru lovers. They tend to add another Subaru later, only letting go of the one they began with when they can no longer justify the expense of a second vehicle. Curiosity, though, gets the best of all of us, sooner or later– so we thought some of you might like to hear a little bit about 2022’s Subarus.


Given that this is the fifth year in Subaru’s production cycle, they haven’t made many changes to the styles and features. Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive is still a key feature. The new Impreza is a beautiful urban sedan (or hatchback) that Consumer Reports can recommend. 


As for the SUVs, of course, the Outback is still king. The Outback Onyx Edition XT has increased off-road ability and is full of great features for the casual off-roader: comfort, style, and ease of use. The BRZ is the sportiest Subaru in some time, somewhat resembling a Mazda RX-7, but it’s a harder sell to most Subies, who seem to prefer a family-sized vehicle.


The one thing that these fifth-year vehicles all share is that they are all conceived to make life comfortable and fun on the road. And rest assured, our technicians are keeping up on any changes as the new cars roll out. Suburb Service strives to provide the best service for your Subaru. Schedule your service with us to keep your vehicle well-maintained and ready to drive. Please make an appointment with us for regular maintenance or specific needs. And remember to “Like” our Facebook page for the latest news! Suburb Service is located at 15017 Bothell Way NE, Lake Forest Park, WA 98155. We’re open Monday to Friday, 7 AM to 4 PM. All We Do Is Subaru!