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When Do You Need to Replace Your Brakes?

What's that grinding, growling noise as you are stopping your Subaru? Assuming you didn't add some bells and whistles to your ride, there's a good chance it's your brakes. It's even a possibility the brakes are getting worn down to the indicators. (That's not good, just to be clear.)

Did you know your brake pads may need replaced every 20,000-60,000 miles? Really, having them checked every 10,000 miles could save you a world of headache. But let's say you're driving around and notice something is "off" - how do you know if it's related to your brakes?

Here are five signs to tell you it is time to replace your brakes

Worn Pads

Notice you have a harder time slowing and stopping your car? As scary as that is, it's normal and expected, so get those pads changed! The components of the brakes create friction when moving, which inevitably wears the brake pads down until they are too thin to do their job.

Strange Sounds

Okay, a high pitched squeal isn't cool, no matter your age. If you start hearing this as you slow down and stop, save your and your neighbors ears, and get your brakes checked. If the squeel turns into a harsh grinding sound, this means you've gone completely through your pads and are literally grinding metal on metal. Ouch.


Have you ever felt like your vehicle has a mind of it's own, fighting you the whole way? As much as a little conflict is healthy, it's not good when it comes to your vehicle. If you notice it pulling in one direction, it's possible to be related to your brakes. This could result from a stuck caliper, a collapsed brake hose, or uneven brake pads. Best to bring that baby to the shop to determine the cause.


And not the musical kind. This type of vibration feels similar to when you activate the anti lock brakes during an emergency stop.'s not during that time. These vibrations could indicate warped rotors, or misaligned tires.

Temperamental Pedal

Possibly the scariest feeling...pressing on your brake pedal to have it loosely go all the way to the floor without causing you to slow down. No thank you. But, if you experience this, it could be a problem with the hydraulic system, or a brake fluid leak. If you have pedal issues, this requires immediate attention.

To prevent further damage and more costly repair expense, stop by and let us take a quick check. It might be worn brake pads or, in some cases, that noise just may be a small piece of road grit. Either way, it only takes a few minutes for our expert Subaru technicians at Suburb Service to check it out.

We can do this from 7-9 am no appointment needed, usually without any waiting. If your Subaru needs some attention of course we have lots of free service loaners for your convenience. Keep your Subaru safe for you and your family. Click here to schedule an appointment at Suburb Service, or call (206) 705-8695 to reach our Seattle location. Show your Subaru some love.