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Where When and Why To Service or Replace a Subaru Engine

The sun is out! It's one of those rare Seattle days when Mt. Rainier is in full view and it's time to go for a drive in your Subaru. You can forget about the car's rugged reliability for those days when conditions are rainy and terrible outside. Today is much too beautiful. You jump in the car, roll down the windows, and begin a beautiful drive.

But then it happens... It begins to glow. The horrible "Check Engine" light comes on. Oh no.

The Warning Light

Take note, but you could be fine! Yes, it's important to not ignore when the light comes on. It's definitely there for a reason and will alert you of problems. But before you panic, take a few seconds for some important steps:

First - take a look at your engine oil pressure and engine temperature gauges. Are they still in the normal range? If not, safely pull off the road and call for help. But if they still reading normal, go to step 2. Turn off your radio, listen to your engine for odd sounds, and check your vehicle for smoke or other problems. If you don't notice anything, it's likely that there nothing major wrong with your Subaru. Enjoy the rest of your trip, but remember that the warning light came on because there is something you need to address. Ignoring the light will NOT make the problem go away.

Code Readers

It's true that you can purchase a simple code-reader device from an auto parts store and find out what the problem might be. But you should know that these devices are built to read many different warning codes from many different types of vehicles. They are NOT Subaru specific. These devices are nowhere near the quality of devices at an authorized repair shop, so as you look at one of them, please consider whether or not you want to trust your investment in your Subaru to something like this. It could cause more problems than it solves!

What is an OBDII?

All Subarus sold in the US since 1996 are equipped with an OBDII (On Board Diagnostics, 2) system. The OBDII has two important purposes. First, many states (including Washington and Oregon) are using the readings from the OBDII for their vehicle inspection program as part of registering your car. Secondly though, the OBDII is designed as a diagnostic tool, which is of key importance to you, the car owner.

At Suburb Service, we only use the factory authorized Subaru Select Monitor. The emission control systems on your Subaru are very well designed, but rather complicated. When they are performing as designed, they will not only minimize your car's impact on the environment, but will ensure that your Subaru is running at peak efficiency. This means you will be getting every bit of performance potential from each expensive gallon of gasoline. You can be confident that our tools are designed specifically for your vehicle and will have it running at its peak.

If you have any questions about your Subaru's emissions system, feel free to contact us. Our shop lives and breathes Subarus! We welcome the opportunity to get to know you and your Subaru, please feel free to make an appointment soon.