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7 Tips to Keep Your Subaru from Looking (and Smelling) Like a Kennel

Calling all dog lovers! It's common, especially in the Pacific Northwest like Seattle, Washington, to see countless cars traveling with their beloved pets. Up here, they're viewed as family! Rain or shine, you can count on seeing owners with a little extra cargo in their Subarus.

Our community loves the outdoors: the sea, mountains, coast, hiking - nothing is out of our reach. So, as you most likely are very well familiar, bringing your pups means there's a huge likelihood for a mess, or even a not so pleasant smell. What's the solution?

We have some tips to help keep your car clean, smelling nice, while still including the entire (pet) family

Tip #1

Heavy Duty Rubber Mats

If you have pets, you want to be sure you not only have mats (*ahem* to those of you who don't have ANY), but you want heavy duty rubber mats. This will protect your floors from dirt, mud, rain, slobber, claws, fur, and "accidents". When they are dirty, you just pull them out, spray them down, and start fresh again.

Tip #2

Bring Crate with Mat or Blanket

It's always smart to bring your pets crate, even if you keep it in the back, unused. In Washington, you never know when you'll get caught in the rain, and a wet pooch isn't exactly car friendly. Layer their crate with an easy to clean mat or blanket, cutting down on clean up time when you get home and let them loose.

Tip #3

Keep Dogs in the Back

Seriously, the more your dog is kept in one spot, the easier it is to contain the mess. However, we know how hard it is to keep them from hopping into the front seat! That's why there are metal barriers designed to help keep your pup in the back. Invest in one of these, or create your own contraption, to hold them back at least from half the vehicle for damage control.

Tip #4

Use a Seat Cover

Seat covers go a long way when keeping your Subaru looking brand new! Just like the floor mats, a seat cover will protect your leather or cloth from any outside (or unwanted inside) elements. Don't want to spend extra on seat covers? Use a thick bed sheet while traveling with your pets.

Tip #5

Upholstery Protectant Spray

If you have leather seats, definitely keep car upholstery protectant spray in stock! Just like when you spray your leather boots before using them outside, spraying your leather seats and upholstery will help protect them from dirt and moisture inflicting irreversible damage by boosting the weather (and pet) proofing capabilities.

Tip #6

Use Suede Gardening Gloves to De-hair

Yes, we're serious. Have you ever tried to vacuum your car floor only to find that no matter how many times you run the vacuum over the carpet, the pet hair is hanging on for dear life? Purchase some suede gardening gloves, wet them, and rub the area in a circular motion to lift the hair off of the carpet. Vacuuming should be much more successful afterwards!

Extra Tip: Lint brushes are your best friend

Tip #7

Enzyme Based Air Fresheners

Most car air fresheners tend to have this sickeningly sweet or overpowering smell. When you want to cover up pet odors, you do not want to use these. Instead, find an enzyme based air freshener which actually captures smelly molecules and gets rid of the smell, instead of adding a scent that simply tries to cover it up (which it doesn't).

We want you to love bringing your pet with you while you drive your Subaru! It doesn't have to be a messy, smelly hassel. It can be enjoyable, especially if you're prepared. Keep a clean up kit in your car (i.e. paper towels, wipes, carpet cleaner, and plastic bags), and use these tips to drive your family worry free from car damage.

We will be happy to give your Subaru a thorough inspection to set you on the preventative path. Click here to schedule an appointment at Suburb Service, or call (206) 705-8695 to reach our Seattle location. Show your Subaru some love.