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Monthly Archives: August 2020

Subaru Service Tips for Drivers Stuck at Home in Kenmore

Stay-at-home notices and shelter-in-place orders are still impacting drivers across the nation. As social distancing becomes the new normal and many are beginning to work at home and drive less, it's important not to overlook your Subaru service. Whether it's time for a little tidying up or some simple factory-scheduled maintenance, your car will thank you for the attention. A little time invested now can help prevent the need for repair down the road, so consider completing these tasks while you're stuck at home in Kenmore. 1. Start Your Car Regularly When was the last time you started your car's engine? If you can't remember, do it now. As Subaru owners wait out the pandemic, their vehicles sitting idle can result in dead batteries. You don't want to deal with that when it's time to go out to pick up groceries. And when starting the car, let it run for 10 minutes to reach normal operating temperature and give the battery a good charge before shutting it off ... read more